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.. Good Morning, fellas.. I want to pick up a coupla different tools for use afield and wanted to check with you guys on possible options.. During my time out in the woods I have found several small tools to be very useful..

..Multi-tool.. I have a nice Gerber I keep in my hunt pack but I'd like another for the daypack.. I like the locking mechanism and one hand opening on the knife and scissors.. I've seen some that had a nut driver kit with them and thought that'd be nice.. Whatchya got that's working good for ya.?

..Folding saw.. I've been toting these little jewels for a few years now.. Wouldn't be caught w/o one but the little thin blades that most use, including my little Gerber, are somewhat delicate and prone to bending IMO.. I know I'm s'posed to only "pull" thru with it but does anyone really do that.? When I saw I hit it both ways.. Is there a nice folding model that fits in a bib tool pocket.? I'd trade weight for rigidity on these..

..What esle will you not be without.? I'd just about leave my rifle before I'd head out w/o hand-pruners anymore.. I can snip my way thru the thickest stuff and keep truckin'.!! And SE Hunt Club has plenty of the "thick stuff"..

..Thanks for any useful info.!! d:^) Jake

P.S..- The board looks great.!! I think the emoticons may help and being able to edit is really nice.. Thanks John & Mike.!!
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