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Contender Question

I don't know the answer to your specific question, but I can tell you how to find it. I have dealt with T/C's customer service people several times over the years and they have been top notch. Try calling their customer service number or emailing that department after Christmas and they'll get the answer for you.

The web site is You might find the answer browsing their web site. Notice that T/C was just purchased by Smith & Wesson.

Also, here's their customer service contact info page:

One thing that I can tell you that is usually true about their chambers - they are long-throated. Often times you can't seat out near the lands with lighter/shorter bullets in a given caliber.

Hope that helps you.

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17 rimfire 1"10"
17 Centerfire 1:10"
22 LR 1:15"
22WMR 1:12"
22 Centerfire 1:12"
6mm/.243 1:10"
25 Caliber 1:10"
6.5mm/.264 1:8"
.277 Caliber 1:10"
7mm/.284 caliber 1:9"
30 Caliber 1:10"
30 carbine 1:12"
.35 caliber 1:14"
338 Caliber 1:10"
338-06 A-square 1:12"
.375 Caliber 1:12"
.44 caliber 1:20"
45 colt 1:16"
.45-70 caliber 14" barrel 1:14"
45-70 caliber 23" barrel 1:20"
209x45 1:28"
209x50 1:28"

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Hey thanks for the replies,I dont handload so it will be all factory ammo.
I have been told Black Hills Ammo is really good so I will give it a try.
As soon I get a couple nice days, Ill head back to the range and
shoot a few other brands to what does the best.
Thanks again
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