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Re-introduction Info

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Hello Boys and Girls.
Just a line or two to bring members up to speed. I retired in 2011 after 40+ years in the tire manufacturing industry. I’m an avid groundhog hunter, and thought retirement would be ideal to pursue the alfalfa and bean munchers. For me, such was not the case. I was bored stiff. My wife is younger than me by a little over half a decade, so she is still employed. I got a call from our local Chrysler dealer, asking if I’d be interested in doing some driving between dealerships. Since I love to travel, I agreed. Did that for about 7+ years. I decided to again hang it up in 2018. They kept calling me to drive casually for another 4-5 months, and I went back working in Sept 2018. About 2 weeks ago, they tried to ween me a little. I’m now working about 3 hrs a day, 3 days a week. We will see how this goes.
I have a passion for whistle pigs, and consider myself a “walk-and-pop” style hunter. I’m a 22 Hornet fancier and have a modest collection. I also shoot Hornet Duplication loads out of several 223 bolt guns. I’ve also pursued PDs in New Mexico as well as Wyoming. I also consider myself an “old modern” fancier of firearm collectors. Hornets, 30-30s, 257 Bob, 762x39s, 222s and a few others. All have been adapted to shoot light for caliber bullets in pursuit of Wiley woodchuck. An extensive photo album highlights my chuck kills, exceeding 5,500 kills. Old timers here may remember that now deceased GGVG board members have ventured to PA to hunt with me in years past.
There you have it. Re-introduction. Bill out!
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Welcome back Bill,
We missed you.

Welcome back, Bill. I remember you well, the tire business, several of the Hornets and some of the stories.
Welcome back Bill, glad to hear from you again. Some days retirement can be a drag, I know that, I retired in 2001. But there a lot of days that are really nice. Retirement is much like a career and you have to work at it. The good thing is that it’s lot easier than working at a job
Good Luck in your search.
glad you're still kickin' neighbor. Stop around sometime. You know where to find me most Saturdays!:)
I remember the orange hat, Bill. Welcome back!

Kentucky Fisherman (aka Carpman)
Wow, Tyler comes back to life and now Bill! Welcome back, guys!

Almost like old times around here.....
Welcome back...
Still here tell'in'em how RUGERS RULE !!!

Welcome back Bill. I just rejoined a month or so ago myself. I still have my Ruger tomato stake Hornet and enjoy it. I bought a Ruger RART and am waiting for it to quit snowing and warm up a bit so I can sight it in. Take care.

Welcome back. LDS
Welcome back Woodchuckchucker, I to recall your many hunting stories. You kept excellent records of each hunt.

I retired 10 years ago and have been a bit scare around here also .
Time passes pretty quickly . Lots of faces and names gone from the board.

March came in blowing snow from north . Currently - 7 with nasty wind chill.
Not one day in February above freezing. March is Lionizing for sure.
Yesterday it warmed up almost to 30 degrees . Got the tractor out and plowed -pushed snow to get propane truck in for delivery . All for not as the wind has drifted all back and no delivery possible today . Most of state is worse than here.
Granddaughter has a mail route contract . No mail delivered today on her rural route.
Spring is going to be a welcome sight.
Last years Gopher season was a wash out . Literally .
The long winter combined with no Chinooks nearly wiped out the Richardson ground squirrel population . When the spring thaw came it was slow and prolonged. The burrows were saturated and wet . Mortality was high from Hypothermia . That was the Gopher specialists prognosis. Mid march lots of gophers up and out on a field of white. We went to Ca. To visit a new great grandson in Mid march . Had to plow our way out , Returned mid April , had to plow our way in . Still lots of gophers out . After the thaw it was tough finding spots to hunt.
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Welcome back......

Zeus (lurking in anonymity for some time)
Welcome back Bill!! I to have just got back on the board after several years absents. I'am in Lancaster Co. PA, you invited me down to hunt chucks together several years ago, just never got to do it. Glad to see your still at it.
My son just caught the varmint bug and had me dig out the Hornet and the Swift. Looking forward to wackin a few chucks this summer.
R Rambler
Welcome back Bill! I too, have also just returned from an extended absence.
Was wondering if you were still on the right side of the dirt.
Strange days! I got a buddy advocating delaying the census till we find out who comes out of this. Don't think it'll be that bad.

Living in central PA except when working in York, which may not happen again for a long time.
Welcome to the board. I too am a hornet case lover. 22hornet, 19 Calhoon, and looking for a 17 Hornet. Mike
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