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Ready for a new pair of binoculars, but which ones?

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I finally threw away a pair of binoculars that I had forever. Too big, too heavy, no longer clear, etc., etc....

This is how I want to use them;

1. Ease of use while wearing glasses

2. Used mostly for hunting, scanning fields, etc

3. Price range up to $250's

4. Either 10x40 or 10x50. I think 12 power range could be a little too strong. It may reduce by depth of field too much.

These are my basic wants. However, before actually getting a pair, I'll look more into the type of glass, coatings, etc.

Do you know of a pair to stay away from or some that are really worth looking into.

Thanks for the help.
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I had some 10-50 Leica iirc.....even rested, they were too much magnification. I have the Brunton Eterna, 7x42. You want at least a 5 value when dividing power into obj size. These are super, super clear. Bought these after following a long discussion on a board 6-7 yrs back. It has nice, wide strap and a one pc eye cover to boot. Did I say they are very clear? Not sure what they go for now but snagged these for under a buck fitty.
Athlon, Kowa, Konus and Minox offer some quality options. please give us a call to discuss what might be best for you
Steiner Predator. 7 or 8X is plenty for hand held, anything more and it is too difficult to locate target and stay steady.
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