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Today I finally dived back into the 22LR and finally bought a premium 22 LR after years of wanting one. Price wise compared to my air rifles it was on the budget side. However, I did my research and decided on the Tikka T1X in 22 LR with a 16" barrel.

Two rifles that came to mind are the CZ 457 and the Tikka T1X in my choices, I love the CZ, but the 5 shot magazine put me off. Part of the reason I wanted the gun was a squirrel shooter for thick brush and thus were the 16" barrel. Plus after comparing the CZ and Tikka I found the action on the Tikka more fitting for me.

Initial plans are to mount a Athlon 4x14 BTR FFP scope on it. I will upgrade to a 20 MOA picatinny rail and maybe a trigger adjustment. I might do NLR 22 comps with it, basic / stock level.

Plan right now is to figure out what the gun likes for ammo, then put the paperwork in for a "can". Any suggestions?

Then after the first part it is done use it one squirrels and close range on some woodchucks as they call them here in New Hampshire.


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