It had the sights removed before I purchased it. The previous seller on Gunbroker stated it was a "varmint" profile barrel, it is not. It is a standard profile barrel. It shoots well, but not as good as the 597 magnum it was suppose to replace (previous rifle was stolen, sad face).

I installed a M-carbo Trigger Job Pro Kit Upgrade ($60) which made a HUGE improvement to the trigger. The kit has the springs and the hammer (as seen in the photos). It comes with 3 Mags ($45 each). I also sanded the stock in order to float the barrel a little better.

The "instruction manual" package is still sealed and incluced in the original/matching Remington box.

Anybody who has owned a 597m knows the "8 round magazine" is miss leading. I have never been able to get 8 rounds to function properly. I could maybe get 6 to work, if the planets and stars alligned properly with the proper gravitational pull from the moon... Simply stated, just load 5 rounds and they function fine; load more, you are will get jams and rounds ejecting everywhere from the magazine.

When I received the rifle, I completely tore it down to clean (out of stock, barrel removal, trigger replacement, etc). I've fired about 100 rounds through it since.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. You don't have to purchase through Gunbroker. I'm good with working it out through phone calls/email.