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Yesterday was a first for me. Out road hunting and seen a lone yote standing in the middle of a snow covered field (Colorado). He knew he was in trouble and was off to the races. I usually wait until they stop to look back but in this country that can be 400 yards or better. I decided right when I spotted him that I would try a running shot so I turned my scope down to 6x. As expected he started to run from about 150 yards out. I led him as much as I could and fired a shot from 220 (rangefinder). Killed him dead in his tracks! Yes, probably extremely lucky but he was a full prime big male. Don't hardly ever attempt the running shots but in the snow covered field he was easy to track in the scope.
Do you guys ever try the running shots or wait until they turn around? By the way I was using my Rem 6mm loaded hot with 58 grain V-Max.
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