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As much as I hate that overused soccer term, sure did hit it big today.

Went to ChinaMart first and bought 4 boxes ea 3 diff flavors of 17HMR. Felt good that they were all $9 & change. They don't stock Dynapoints (22RF). Asked about price increases and she said Remmy was up.

On a whim, went to the KresgeMart. Help was sparse but very helpful when I finally found someone who got the someone I needed.:rolleyes:

They had Federalis' on closeout so got the last brick of HMR, marked $7 but when I explained to her that it wasn't $8.99 and please look at the closeout tag w/bar code saying $7 then she said well it comes up as $6 :D :D !!! This was after I explained further that the price was for EA box:eek: . Also got a brick of Fed Champion 22 Hi Speed for under $10.

I tell you guys, it is not going anywhere but up, up and away. Dynapoints were $17 but let'em go. FWIW, they were supposed to be a very good deal for the $$, shooting with other 22 ammo that was 3x as 'spensive. Who knows how the new Dyna's will sort out after the re-rigging of Win.

Anyhoo, blind hog/acorn day for me.:D
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