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Good afternoon from the sticks of Kentucky where the sun has just peeked outta the clouds.
Damcows were moved to a better pasture so they are good for a while. The month of September, we received 0.2 inch of rainfall and we are very dry. Flordia got all the rain I suppose. Gators and snakes will be everywhere.
It is Caturday so I will post a photo of a Cat rescued from the top of an AC unit by a young man who waded through high water in Flordia to get to it.
Cat Beard Mammal Gesture Carnivore

He has received a bunch of marriage proposals from Cat Wimmen.
Nights are cool now, deer have changed color and Coyotes are roaming around. I made a dozen Snares this morning getting ready for them.
Font Wood Eyewear Fashion accessory Circle

Motor vehicle Gas Jewellery Nickel Font

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Automotive wheel system Gas

Wood Finger Creative arts Household hardware Tool

Brown Plant Road surface Asphalt Grass

I use the Camlocks and you never lose one..
These have been reused multiple times.
My workshop is not as neat as some y'alls. All y'alls.
JB is headed to a RV music show tonight in Hodgensville Ky and may show back up here in a couple days.
Have a nice day and watch out for Alligators.

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@CarlP That old anvil was my Dads and it is not one of HiDollar ones you see (mostly) up North. Folks in the sticks of Kentucky did not have money to buy a "Good" one.
The Horn is broken off caused by "Shooting" Anvils with Black Powder.
Bedrock Formation Automotive tire Soil Rock

I remember asking my Dad what that was and he wouldn't tell...guess he knew what I would do.
The Anvil has been sitting there for well over 60 years.
Some old anvils are Crazy Expensive. Some a lot more than This one.
@kogersamuel I will "Loan" you some snares...all you have to do is take the Camlocks and End Loops off and return them. Or better yet...get some cable and make you some new ones. That Democrat buddy of yours in the Holler, buys snares and doesn't save the locks when he catches a Coyote. Guess he's Rich.
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