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@CarlP That old anvil was my Dads and it is not one of HiDollar ones you see (mostly) up North. Folks in the sticks of Kentucky did not have money to buy a "Good" one.
The Horn is broken off caused by "Shooting" Anvils with Black Powder.
Bedrock Formation Automotive tire Soil Rock

I remember asking my Dad what that was and he wouldn't tell...guess he knew what I would do.
The Anvil has been sitting there for well over 60 years.
Some old anvils are Crazy Expensive. Some a lot more than This one.
@kogersamuel I will "Loan" you some snares...all you have to do is take the Camlocks and End Loops off and return them. Or better yet...get some cable and make you some new ones. That Democrat buddy of yours in the Holler, buys snares and doesn't save the locks when he catches a Coyote. Guess he's Rich.

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Why can鈥檛 you reuse the cable? I鈥檓 guessing it to bloody and tore up
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Finally getting to sit and watch Okla State at Baylor. OState is up 11 in 4th. Had helpers today. 12 year old grandson and 7 year old granddaughter in the reloading room. I was resizing and priming. Josie was in charge of powder and Jacoby was seating bullets. I stayed pretty busy checking powder levels, etc. We did finally get 60 rounds loaded for Josie鈥檚 6.5 TCU. I gave Jacoby his birthday present, an older Ruger 77 light weight 250-3000. I will probably get him a better scope for it later. It has a old Bushnell on it that looks pretty rough. He was happy.
Leg Table Desk Shorts Engineering

Prayers for our Country, Israel, Ukraine and all Y鈥檃ll.

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Well guess I missed the morning post, slept in and had to rush off this morning.
Baled hay yesterday and had fits with my baler, spent more time on top of it working on it than in the tractor seat.
Finally gave up and called the NH service man, he got it working in no time, replaced some bent parts.
Baled today too, finished up a circle of alfalfa, should be the last of the alfalfa for this year... unless the boss man decides to cut one more field.
The pic that JR posted is of my BIL with one of our nephews' elk, that's the second bull in two days killed there. I've got a cow permit but
haven't taken time to go yet. Maybe next week, it's supposed to rain all week so I'll have time.
Boss man had a wheel come loose on the tractor today, lost all the lug bolts on the inside dual. Had to have the COOP tire man come out
to the field and we got it all back together, now need to get a bunch of new lug bolts and finish the job. But got it back to the shop.
Have a good evening and rest of the weekend. Prayers for all in need.
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