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Hawgs Tail again.... @Bruce Eakins we have been missing you buddy.
I already posted In Kermits Outhouse thread YEP and shared my vast knowledge of world historical sights. Mainly a 400 year Hole in the Floor. Bassano del Grappa.
One heck of a little mountain town at the foot of the Alps.
I hauled JB to get her a Chikin Pot pie at KFC but I ate when I came back home. I found T Bone Steaks for $3.89 a pound yesterday and jest had to buy a couple.
Food Tableware Recipe Beef Churrasco food

I had much rather have a 1/2 pound burger of Ground Chuck but it was pretty good. Got it a bit too done for me...out of practice.
I have a esophageal problem like Skruske's old buddy and not much good Teeth to chomp it up with.
Yall have a good night and Happy Anniversary to @mrmurl and his bride.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts