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Saturday Morning

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59° here in Upstate NY this morning, it is trying to rain a little. We are supposed to have some rain today and tomorrow. The high today will be about 68°.

Quiet day today and for the entire weekend I hope, it was a hectic week and I am a bit tired out.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Waseca. It's 61 and clear this morning, high of 77 today, and low humidity. I mowed the yard without breaking a sweat, nice. today it's wash the truck and RV, wife says so. Also take a walk around the lake this morning with the camera. There's some nice flowers I would like to capture.
Need to put some thought into the final plan for the reloading tools and shelves, sit and think. Some of the bigger presses don't fit on typical shelves.
Hope everyone has a great Saturday,
Good Morning

68 here in NC Ohio with clouds ,no rain right now. Heavy storms last night that knocked out power to lot of people, my rural co-op didn't even flicker. Today is just another Saturday for me , already had five this week. Time to get into something even if its wrong. Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning folks. It's 65° here with rain and drizzle. Maybe storms later. Just wonderful. I have an all day, outside gun raffle to work. They'll have a tent, but if it blows I'm screwed. I have about 48 guns to take. Not as much worried about the guns as I am about the boxes getting wet. Oh well.

Took off a little early yesterday. It was raining, but I had some work to do on the boat, inside the console. Little rot issue. Used gorilla glue to fix and I had it ALL OVER ME. Damn that stuff is hard to get off. But it worked.

Well I gotta get some coffee in me, and a shower. Have a good one.

Great morning folks,

With something more like mist rather than fog, we have a 63° to the day here near Halfway USA.

An errand or two was handled after Doug & family headed westward. I changed the cabin & engine air filters on Deb's new/used Edge. While the vehicle has been cleaned thoroughly, there are still some tell tail signs that it came from northern Canada. Road dust in places that need to be removed for us OCD types. ;)

Today is recycle drop off day at the local collection site. I have 36 gallons of oil to surrender & I'll be glad to get it out of the barn. I've been out of state for the last several collections & that stuff sure does accumulate.

Later in the afternoon DD & I started staining & sealing the Hoe House. We are just over 1/2 done & have used one bucket of stain. Not sure if we will get any of it done today what with the weather not cooperating.
Mornin boys...
67 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
They say chance of rain, it looked like it was going to most
of the day yesterday but I didn't see any. I'm sure it rained
somewhere close but not where I was at. Me and Tucker got the
metal on a friend's porch yesterday. It was hot on the roof but
as soon as we'd get down there was a good breeze. He was glad to
get it done, he don't like heights and wants it finished for the 4th weekend.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

59 on the way to 89 here in the Mountains of far Northern California. The wind was howling last night, kept me awake for awhile. The dogs were up early, so that means I’m up also! The coffee is much needed this morning!

Have a great day and be careful out there.
Started cleaning bbls and the 19-223 y'day. I have one name brand Dasher, 33" that I took a peek at w the Lyman......sure hope I didn't pay much for it. If the seller said it needed setting back, he wasn't lying. 11" and counting before the firecracking tapers off....I'm thinking fireforming orrr, CZ or Sako for a rechamber for a what the heck app.
Sitting out awaiting that brown fur ball to venture into the bean field. It was very o'cast and hazy but sun is burning through so will wrap it up shortly......oops he just appeared...later.
morning all. It is still morning here. Was 47 now 77 and climbing.
Nasty dust storm yesterday, just gets drier and drier.
Been around the farm, sprinklers all running now. Have to go out in the field and try to get the AC working on one of the hay swathers. Hope it only needs a couple cans of freon.
Better get moving, head all plugged up this morning, must be the dust and pollen in the air.
Have a blessed day.
Well, took the problem Remington in .220 Swift to the the field. I have been fiddling with it for several years on and off. ( I named it Cooper cuz I spent so much getting it running I could have bought a Cooper with what I spent). It is now just under an inch at 100. I think with a little load tuning I can cut that in half. Took the first chuck at about 150 yards. Pretty much unzipped him. They were all little, not much bigger than a hamster. Club woodchuck rodeo coming up. Still not sure if I will depend on it to keep me in the running. Now, If I am true to form that will go into the safe and I will start to resurrect another one. It seems once I get them to shoot I am off to another challenge. It must be the chase and not the goal that I enjoy.
140 yds, 17gr HMR, 77-22 Lilja abt 22-24", held just a bit too low on his neck, prob hit him in the upper rib cage while standing. I was 95% bench rest steady and watched him SLAM over with the "whop". Abt 4 seconds later he was hot footing it. Went out and saw major red splash, and followed his 25' trail to the weeds. I was wanting to convert him to buzzard chow instead of worm chow. Gotta get something else out and zeroed.....I've always wished that Hornady had followed Steve C. and Keith C's recommendations after the testing. Do not know if it was the design engineers' or the leagle beagles that choked the round down. But then again, an inch higher may have solved my buzzard chow problem....;-))
My first chuck in many a year.
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