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Saturday Morning

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55° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature to get up to about 75°.

I was busy all day yesterday and I am going "Up Home" fishing today, it doesn't matter to me if I catch anything or not I will enjoy myself.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning everyone, 63 and partly cloudy with a high of 78.
More garage sale today. Hoping for a good turnout as I found more powder to sell and 22 mag ammo and shotgun slugs.
Hope everyone has a nice calm day,
73* and cloudy. Off to a steam and gas engine show. They have a saw mill that us run by steam that is up and running. One year they had a gravel pit for the vintage equipment to dig,grade, and build an access road to a new parking lot. And thre is food, of course.
Good Morning

It is 66 this morning with more rain on tap, had better than an inch of rain yesterday. The tractor show was just about void of people due to the rain but no one was really complaining because it was needed so badly. Today is another day so time to get at it!!! Prayers to those and country. Mike
Mornin fellas. 67° and cloudy here in southcentral PA. It looks like rain, in fact it dripped a bit when I let the dogs out. Sure like to see a few good showers. Wish my grass was mowed first though. Mom is off on vacation with some family friends. We'll join her in Hattaras next weekend. I have to work all day today at the shop. Closed last night and we were pretty busy. Bosses are on vacation too. Going to be a long week.:rolleyes:

Better get moving. Need a shower and some coffee. Have a good one.


PS...anybody heard from birdog? This place sure is quiet without his "agandas"
Mornin boys..
66 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Got a storm last nite, pretty strong winds.
Power went out but is back on now. Recon powerlines
and trees down over the county.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

morning all. 52 and on the way to 88 or above. Seemed really hot yesterday, worked around the shop most of the day, but too hot to work in the shop for very long at a time.
Got several sprinklers going again yesterday, hope they all are still running this morning, we really need some rain, can't even tell that it rained last Monday.
Started working on a 80% AR10 lower last evening, was nice to make it out to the hobby shed for a change.:D
Better get around, need to get a few things done before it gets too hot.
Have a great day and be safe what ever you are doing.

Not sure what part of Montana the p-doggers are in, but looks like they may have some "breezes" to work around!!
Morning boys and gals! Good to see the sun shining and 68 here in KY, had several rounds of bad weather last night, electric was off 5 hours. Going to a gun show in a few with some buddies, hoping to trade a guy out of a C Sharps 45/70, 1885 Winchester Highwall they build! I have gotten into those big ole lead slingers again as of late! You all have a good day, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
Good morning, GoGo. It's 67 in Louisville and only going to 80 after a cold front passed. Man, yesterday was a wild day for bad weather. We had thunderboomers yesterday morning about 4 a.m., then warm and sticky until 2 p.m. when we had severe thunderstorms and a tornado touchdown about 15 miles west of Louisville. After that fast-moving storm ripped through the sun came back out. The heat rose again and we had an incredible storm about 8 p.m. with more lightning than I've seen since our South Dakota PD trip this spring. More daily storms due all the way through Wednesday.

I need/plan to get to the range later today or tomorrow to see how the new Sightron 10-50x60 scope feels on my Salvage 6BR. Should be a big step up from the CT36 Weaver I've been using. That's where I'd be right now, except that I found I only had maybe 8-10 rounds loaded.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there. Prayers for safety up for Greyfox, ShaneG, Skruske, the Damcowfarmer, Doug Skruske and the non-boardies taking part in PD Safari 2018-B.
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Good morning all. It's 69 and cloudy in Indy heading for 75 and cloudy. Had a heavy rain yesterday but it only lasted a few minutes. We could use more. I'm procuring and painting some rough sawn cedar this morning to replace trim on the yard barn. She who must be obeyed has spoken.

Prayers for those involved in the tragedy in Branson, MO. The family from Indy who lost 9 members is related to a guy on the Indpls Fire Dept we know. There will likely be a fund-raiser of some sort here. I can't imagine the loss let alone having to make arrangements for 3 generations of the family all at once. If what's being reported is true (not holding my breath) they were told they didn't need to put on the life jackets which were on the duck. That's beyond belief.

Have a good day.
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+ 1 Doug Roberts. Tragedy.

I've had two(2) near misses on the water - unanticipated high winds, rough water and caught in the middle - survived by Grace of God as we were helpless in ourselves.

Prayed for families and Branson community.
I have been surprised with pop up bad weather out on the great lakes. I was piloting a 40 footer on a delivery with an inexperienced crew ( new owners). Winds hit 50 + and it got exciting for a while. We got in ok and I kept a brave face for the crew but you could not drive a hatpin up my arse with a sledge hammer for about 2 hours.

The video looks like the duck lost power or the pilot chocked and did not power up. Power up = bow up and water breaks around you. Rough but safe ride.

Complacency and being on water that you can see both sides can be risky.
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