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Saturday Morning

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64° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature for today to be up around 76°. It will be warmer they say tomorrow and then Monday and Tuesday we will be looking at rain. They say Monday night and Tuesday is when Florence should get to us.

Not to much planned for today, I think I will go to the gun club for awhile this morning. Yesterday wasn't a very great day and it is one I truly wish to forget is all I can say.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning, 69 now high near 90. When the temperature hits 85 it gets too hot to work. I have severe heat stroke reactions. Frustrating for sure.
I am nearly completely set up for the garage sale. The realtor called yesterday with positive news. She will list the property for more than I thought. That's good as we have wiggle room.
All that remains is finish cleaning the house and all the outside junk, lots of outside junk.
I have a 1 Tom dump truck, except the critters ate all the battery cables. I could kill the little varmints.
George had a bad day yesterday, so we all need to have a good day just for him,
Good Morning

68 and muggy here in NC Ohio, but I'll take it over what our brothers in NC are getting. Did anyone see the the fake news outside reporting , leaning into the wind going on about how bad it was as two guys walked normal in the back ground!!! I'm trying to finish up the garden bed project at least get it to a point to continue next year, give something to live for -- MORE WORK! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning everyone.....up and getting ready to head to a match this morning. Just need to toss the rifles and ammo in the truck and be on my way. Been a busy and messed up few weeks. My wife's cousin that lived with my wife's mother decided he had enough and checked out and my mother in law found him. This was the day before labor day and she hasn't been back to her house since and has decided to not go back. The situation has caused all kinds of problems besides all the grief and sadness. Not sure what makes a person decide that's the best option.
Aside from that works been pretty steady.....damcones are all gone and now the hot item is stoneboxes for a construction company. These things are beat to shit! Just about done with one and got one more to go....they need various repair...floors or end one needs a floor and has been cobbled up to limp it along and is going to suck I think.
Hopefully my 6br shoot well today I picked up some Berger 108s for it and shot a few round yesterday evening and it looked better than the hornady.

Hope everyone has a good day and stays safe!
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Great morning folks,

A bit foggy, 59° with sunshine & 80° for later here near Halfway USA.

Garage sailing was great fun yesterday. DD's car got emptied out at lunch time & we went back for more. We covered most of the township and dragged ourselves back home about 6pm. I found a few tools & another life jacket. Like to wore out the damncow farmer.

Today's adventures include going watch the Sawdust Days hometown parade, walk in the park for the tractor, car & craft show. This afternoon that second hand life jacket will come along for a kayak ride down a slow lazy river. Judy Brown mentioned a while back she'd like to try kayking so away we will go.
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Mornin boys...
69 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Football game last nite, it was a gooden I guess.
Our team couldn't do nothing the first half but
came back the second and won 14-13. Got home
after 11 and hoped to lay in this morning but NO...
Woke up normal time. Got to clean a few guns and
Will probably load some today...maybe
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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morning all. 40 this morning, into the low to mid 80s again later.
While on my morning round around the farm yesterday I looked over at the pickup thermos and it was on 26 degrees! :D Finally! Fall has arrived! Only 2 sprinklers running, one will be shut off this morning.
Got another field half baled, will finish and maybe start another this morning. Sure hope there is some dew.
Big Mack truck had a flat out in the field yesterday on the front. Finally got it jacked up and changed. Then worked on one of the swathers, another field cut yesterday.
Better get to it, have a great day. Prayers for the folks out east.
Morning boys and girls. It's 66° here with clouds here and everything is still saturated around here. We might see some sun today and tomorrow before Florence gets here Monday. I hope so, I need to mow sometime before then. Today, I have to run back to the hospital for Miss Sue. She was supposed to be in and out, but had some pain, so they kept her overnight. Need to get a shower and grabb some coffee and get going. Hopefully they let her go before noon. I have to work at the shop and close up.

Better get moving. Have a good one.

Morning gang! Going to be hot here today,77 now heading to 90 again today. Building 3-6xc's for some local guys, gonna try to get 2 of them finished today. Then I plan on hunting the last hour of daylight! Rember those in need of prayer, Charlie take care of miss Sue, Buff out!
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