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Saturday Morning

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14° here in Upstate NY this morning with a high temperature of 26° expected. A chance of some snow showers is still around for today and for the next few days it is to remain cold but fair weather.

Yesterday was a fairly peaceful day and hopefully today will be the same for me. I got the last of the changes for the gun club in place and the paperwork for my business is all caught up.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Great morning folks,

Cloudy & trying to scatter some snow flurries with 23° here near Halfway USA. Looks like most of the snow has settled west off us & isn't getting this far. Until Lake Michigan freezes over, the west side will get a dumping.

The big weather new is the huge band of moisture coming out of the Gulf of Mexico. It is rolling up the Mississippi valley and the turning east. The Old South will be getting we for the next two days.

I'm pleased to report the remodel project for the lower level of the house is done. More importantly, Debra Dearest is pleased with the results.

For today's fun & adventure - let wood stove burn out, clean it out & re-light. There may be some Christmas shopping involved today. I expect I will provide security & overwatch while DD checks things off her list.
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Good Morning

19 here in NC Ohio with cold blue skies. The young boy put another load of firewood in the greenhouse and a good thing with as cold it is. Need to make a trip to the Amish and LaRue ( small town in west Marion co. ) today . Enjoy the weekend and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from a toasty box blind on the eastern shore of MD. It's 23° this last day of deer season. Clear skies and no wind. I've wished on a falling star and prayed to Orion, the Hunter. Gotta get it done today. We came down yesterday and hunted a different blind. All we saw was a die and 2 fawns, and the doe quickly busted us and left. We came down to a cold camper. Plugged into power and tripped gfci in building. Checked everything and the 30A to 110 adaptor was fried. Got a new adaptor and ext cord and it's still tripping the gfci. I suppose the leaky roof has wires wet on the interior of the camper. We ran an ext cord directly to the electric heater and the camper was nice and warm by the time we got back from dinner. No lights, just a battery operated one, but we got by. Ran the coffee pot inside th building so we are good.

Gotta get settled in here. Have a good one

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22 degrees and barely going to be above freezing today. My son and nephew are fishing this morning and I think I’m going to join them, at least for a little while. Other than that, my only plan is to burn some firewood today.

Good luck Charlie.
Good real Saturday morning. It’s 19 in Indy heading for low 30s. Little to report from yesterday and less to anticipate for today. If my A2 stock shows up, I’ll finish assembling an AR lower. Nobody keeps A2s in stock around here. This is likely to be my last venture into the world of AR15s. I think I said that once before, though.

Off to stalk breakfast. Good luck, Charlie. Seems like you’re due.

Good day all.
morning all. 14 to start and on the way to 39, maybe.
Was nice all day yesterday, not even a breeze.
Worked in the shop on the old Dodge pickup, finally making some progress, just can't get too excited about working on it.:rolleyes:
Took some time to shoot the creedmoor, things just get worse on this project all the time. Tried speeding up my loads, still not max, but blew holes in the primers on several loads, so I quit and am pulling the bullets and will try something different next time around. Just about fed up with this one!:eek:
Off to do chores and see how many coyotes are around today, saw nine yesterday, whacked one dumb pup. We have about 1500 elk that come in on the hay fields at night now, one was hit on the highway and the coyotes really like that!
Had to move a hay stack yesterday to keep the elk out, and the damcows too. Don't know why the boss man always stacks hay in that place, no fence of any kind around it and we always have to hurry and get it moved!
Have a great Saturday and be safe out there.
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Mornin boys...
34 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Slep in this morning, Tucker was going hunting but guess he
changed his mind. We may go out up another stand later. He found
some good sign 1 evening after work and wants to how hunt it.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...


PS...waiting on the snow, they still don't know how
much as might get...
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Well, I beat Greyfox here this morning, but probably not by much. Slept until 8:30 and it was great. It's 26 in Louisville, going to about 35 today. It appears the Snowmageddon that was predicted is going to fizzle here along the Ohio River, and I'm just fine with that.

Miss Cindy wants charcoal grilled burgers later today, so I'll get out for that. And my local Woodcrafters store has some knife scales and kits on sale, so I think I'll wander over and take a look at those. Otherwise, should be a fairly lazy day. Might try to load some of the pulled Federal HST bullets I bought in .45 HST. Wicked, wicked bullet, which is just what I want if I'm ever in a squeeze where I need it. Would be a great zombie bullet, I'm thinking.

I find it truly interesting that our technology has evolved to where it's no problem at all for Charlie to make his morning post from inside a box blind as he's deer hunting. Imagine just 10-15 years ago if someone told you there'd be a day when most anyone could post a message to the Internet while out in the woods. Truly amazing.

Carl, I'm thinking those hatchery trout really like the cold weather. Hope you take home a sack full.

Y'all have a great day and be safe out there. Good luck to Charlie's mom. Hope she pops one.

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Mikey, it's not hard to show up here before me. In fact, I stayed in bed later than usual as we stayed up late watching a TV show we discovered the other night. After some research I got rid of Direct TV and started using Hulu and the Amazon Prime account I signed up with for business purchases some time ago.
Turns out we saved a bunch of money and have better choices for wasting time as well. How often does that happen? It's currently 34º and cloudy. WE had snow when we woke, but that's moved on. Not sure what today will bring. Have to get some keys made and do a tax report for state government. Neither will take long. Just have to muddle along and see what happens.

G'day Y'all,
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