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Saturday Morning

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Morning green boarders, 33 here in NC Ohio with stiff wind and clouds. The north wind took the blue tarp off of the dirt pile and it headed south. So if anyone in Kentuck finds it send it back north with Santa!! Have a wonderful weekend and remember the reason for the season. Mike
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Good morning folks. It's 39° here with winds the same. Howling like Dean's. Well...close anyway. What's worse here is all the trees. Trees and wires don't mix and limbs make a hell of a mess in the yard. The dying ash trees especially. Had a nice ugly sweater happy hour. GRAPHIC WARNING For a pic go back to yesterday's thread. :D. Miss Sue and I went out to dinner afterwards. Good crab cakes and MD crab soup. Ole Fuzz would have loved it.

Gotta work a bit today, at the shop, then not sure what the rest of the weekend will bring. Need to get the old widow's tractors switched around and get the one with the snow blower ready. Hopefully just fuel and a battery. We'll see.

Better get some coffee in me. Have a good one.

Great morning folks,

28° with a dusting of snow on the ground here near Halfway USA.

The house is cleaned and ready for Deb's family Christmas gathering. It appears my side had been invited as well. Guess I'll make the best of it anyway. ;)

Food has to be prepared and the noise level will be increasing through the day and long into the night. Never know how long these get togethers will last. I suspect we will be making breakfast tomorrow morning for several over nighters.

Stay safe and enjoy the government shut down!
Yeah Scott...Miss Sue is "essential personnel" and has to work. But the people who cut the checks are non-essential.:rolleyes:
Good morning, GoGo. It's 35 in Louisville. We're supposed to see some sun and a high of 44 for the day. Fairly typical Kentucky winter, maybe a bit warmer and wetter than average the past few weeks.

Earlier this year I replaced the Weaver T-36 on my Savage 6BR with a Sightron 10x50x60 variable. What I didn't consider was that the Sightron would weigh nearly twice as much as the old Weaver, thus pushing me over the 13.5 pound weight limit for UBR contests. Yikes! I made weight in the UBR Nationals on Labor Day weekend by boring out the stock some more and removing the recoil pad. But yesterday I took care of the problem by replacing my Burris Signature Zee Rings and Ken Farrell one-piece steel scope base with aluminum parts from the Harrell Brothers. Saved 9 ounces, which means I get my recoil pad back and then some. I started a separate thread that gives the exact weight I saved on the individual parts. For those who might be wondering, the Harrell's shop is still operating as it always has, send the parts out with an invoice and tell you to send a check after you've tried things out and know they're gonna work for you.

I've procrastinated, as usual, and have to get out and pick up some gifts for Miss Cindy today. Wish me luck.

Charlie Sterner you're a good man for taking care of your neighbor, the widow lady, and I enjoy hearing you mention her. You need to post a picture of her sometime.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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morning all. 26 here in Montrose, Colorado. (our grandkidville)
Don't know what will take place today, stopped at a couple shops on the way into town looking for IMR 4166 powder, only found one pound, but did find some 6.5 bullets. Can't find any around home with out ordering them.
Better get moving along, breakfast is almost ready, our middle son is a good cook :).
Have a great day, stay safe and dry and warm.

Charlie, thanks for the tip on posting on my phone, didn't try is as Gwyn brought her lap top along.
Good morning

30 going to mid 40
My youngest was to come home today but she surprised us and came home a day early. She has know for awhile she could get off early but wanted to surprise us. Her sister picked her up at the airport. They went into my wife’s class room and surprised her and then parked down the driveway and snuck up to the house to surprise me. It is great to have her here for a feel days.
Charlie how did the widow lady react to the Christmas decorations?
Morning gang, 37 heading to42, sun starting to pop out finally! Gun show at Somerset today and tomorrow, but don't think I will go, it is a long way in on crutches, and don't think I would make it too far. Did good on the 3 pistols I bought off an auction, got a S&W Ladysmith double action only.38, titanium frame, NIB for $380, a Ruger p89 for $220, and a brand new Canik 9mm with holster and accessories for $230. I gave the wife the .38 for her Chistmas present. Not doing much today, going to piddle in the shop, get some packs of deer burger out to thaw, going to make a bunch of summer sausage up to give away to some close friends. Remember those in need of prayers, buff out .
30º @ sunrise in the hollow, going to prolly 50º sometime today. Spent a good part of yesterday creating anchor points for the benches at the new range. My assistant wanted to avoid dragging a generator there and opted to use battery drills and sawzall. If wasn't a bad idea, but turned out to be less than adequate. We destroyed one of the baby hammer drills, drove a few miles, killed a couple hours, borrowed another and nearly destroyed that before deciding that real AC was a better choice. Then we ran out of battery power for the sawzall, but nearly got all the 2' rebar cut. We'll try it all again sometime next week with a generator. No big deal, just a 50 mile drive each way. The block layer won't be there for a while and the block, sand and mortar mix hasn't been delivered anyway. Nothing gets done the last two weeks of the year. Wife caught the cold I just finished with, so we won't be out much today. Hope she's better tomorrow as we have family visits lined up. But it will be what it will be.

G'day Y'all,
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Lee, she was tickled pink. Cried when I stopped by. Be sad to see her go, but I'm kinda tired of mowing, raking leaves and plowing snow at 2 places.:rolleyes:
Good late mornin boys...
Mid 30s here high on RUGER Mt this morning when I left.
Had to work today. We moved a propane tank and get it set
at 1 of the schools. Guess it's time to start building comp time
for spring fishing. Don't know why but it nice to have just in case
I get to
Hope you all have had a gooden so far and GOD Bless...

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