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Good morning folks. It's 39° here with winds the same. Howling like Dean's. Well...close anyway. What's worse here is all the trees. Trees and wires don't mix and limbs make a hell of a mess in the yard. The dying ash trees especially. Had a nice ugly sweater happy hour. GRAPHIC WARNING For a pic go back to yesterday's thread. :D. Miss Sue and I went out to dinner afterwards. Good crab cakes and MD crab soup. Ole Fuzz would have loved it.

Gotta work a bit today, at the shop, then not sure what the rest of the weekend will bring. Need to get the old widow's tractors switched around and get the one with the snow blower ready. Hopefully just fuel and a battery. We'll see.

Better get some coffee in me. Have a good one.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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