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Saturday Morning

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21° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today will be about 25°. Between today and tomorrow we are expected to get about 18" of snow. Monday will be a deep freeze with the high temperature only expected to be about 4°.

Not a bad day for me yesterday, easier than the rest of the week had been. Today I probably won't do to much, I may be on the road a little this morning though.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Trinity, 56 degrees this morning, cloudy and rainy this morning, clearing off and getting colder, low of 29 tonight. Supposed to be clear this weekend, but cold viewing for the eclipse.
Men's breakfast at church this morning then not much after that.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Great morning folks,
57° now with 71° later out here in the trailerhood. It was equally nice yesterday.

Weather in the middle part of the country from Nawlins to Halfway USA and parts east will be crappy with extended icky for the weekend. Further opportunity for icky past Monday too.

Our ride in the desert and mountain was great. Comfortable temps with mostly a sunny sky. We did hike UP hill a mile or so. The foo foo dog is not built for off roading like that so she rode over my shoulders much of the way. Much more content to ride harnessed in on Deb's lap.

Looks like progress on the wall is moving along despite the circus in DC being on delayed paid vacation. Be sure to stand, with bowed head, and observe a moment of silence for all the starving down trodden nonessential federal "workers".

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Morning Guys! Mid 50's here with rain forecast. Temps will stead fall through out the day and tonight and tomorrow will be in the 20's. Probably build the Wife and the Cat a fire and head to the loading room.
Good Morning

29 this morning and nothing here in NC Ohio - YET!!! And to top it all Scot teases with a picture of sunshine and short sleeves, even if its the border zone!! Well its time to stoke the fire and will be my main job for a few days. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Mornin boys...
41 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Going to get rain most of the day they say.
Getting colder and white stuff tomorrow. Don't
think much but the temps are supposed to get
into single digits Sunday nite.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Morning folks. It's 34° here and cloudy, with the storm headed our way. Looks nasty out. I picked up Tyler at the airport yesterday and we all had dinner at the Messican place. He had an interesting adventure in Bali and the Philippines. In fact, he came home ENGAGED.:eek: This girl must be something. Haven't met her yet. Tyler was up early headed back to Langley AFB to beat the storm. He packs this week and heads west to CO Springs the 1st of the month. Be out there 4-5 years. I told him to find me some hunting spots.:)

I need to get some coffee and breakfast in me quick and then bring some firewood in before the storm. I'll just dump a few trailer loads in the bilge and stack it later. I have to work at the gun shop a bit. Probably be dead with the storm coming.

Have a good one.

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GOOD morning from the sticks of KENTUCKY.
And it is Raining. Again. I suppose it is better than Snowing but the COW field is a sea of Mud. To followed with sleet and freezing cold down near zero which will result in dead baby calves if a new one comes.
Headed out the door to carry the baby calf to Wall Street and invest in my stock market. Its too muddy to drive the Geo Metro COW truck to the barn so i have to carry her i guess.
SKRUSKE is hopefully still on the USA side of the fence...he's looking good in Short sleeves. Making us all jealous!!
TAJ 45 Bouncer the Cat is ok, I will put a photo on later.
Off to fun and Cowshit. JR
morning all. 8 here, -6 over in town. Storms over and we ended up with a dusting and wind yesterday, just hope the mountain got some.
I see most everyone beat me here this morning, slept in, think that's what Saturday is for! But chores still need done, will be more ice to chop this morning, was just slush yesterday.
Worked in the farm shop most of the day yesterday. Back and arms hurting this morning but I got a couple hoses off the yellow loader, not sure how I'll get them back on once I find replacements. :eek:
Better get around, maybe a coyote will be out looking for some lead for breakfast :rolleyes:
Have a great weekend, be safe with all the weather and stay warm too.
Good morning everyone.....soggy morning here so far. There was the beginnings of some ice on my windshield this morning when I left at 6 am but looks like its just rain right now. Snow might not make it until later not sure what were going to get now but I don't care too much. I have a 5th of Crown stashed in the freezer if I get snowed in with the wife.

Got my replacement brackets finished up a few minutes ago. Might weld on my truck bed today before heading home.

Skruske looks like he's having some good weather for sure! Stay safe out there on the road!

Hope everyone has a good weekend despite most of the nasty weather!

Good morning green boardizens. It's 33 in Indy with light rain which is supposed to turn to freezing rain then snow this afternoon. Looks like the snow accumulation predictions are coming down a little. Was 5-7" now they're saying 2-4". Roads between here and the breakfast blind are just wet so far. I patted the snow blower on the fuel tank and reassured it of our friendship when we got home. Maybe we won't need it after all. Planning on staying inside the rest of the day unless the snow piles up to much. The TV doesn't mind watching me and there's always that exercise bike.

Have a good day.
Good morning gang, 50 here in S C KY, heading to nearly 60, before the bottom drops out tonight! Got to work in the shop today, make a lead lap, and scrub/lap the bore on a ML for a guy, and clean up and sharpen several high end knives he got in a deal. I use my polishing wheels that I polish guns with before hot bluing, I use 240 and555 grit, makes them look like chrome, and pulls the edge down to a razor edge. He owns a local pawn shop, I help him out on stuff and he gives me a deal on a gun every now and then.
Good mid-morning, GoGo. Sure hope Greyfox gets on later, so I'm not Tail-End Charlie. :D It's a balmy 41 outside right now, going to 46 before the front arrives. We have a winter storm warning issued, with 4-6 inches of snow. I expect most of the snow will be in Southern Indiana, across the river from us. What bothers me more is that they're now mentioning high winds, with gusts to 40mph. A little ice isn't a big deal, but if you get that ice with 20-25mph wind, that's a whole other kettle of fish. I filled up my 5-gal kerosene jug yesterday, so I should be fine even if the power goes out.

I just have one question about that fence, Skruske: Why are there no coyotes hanging on it? Four-legged, two-legged, both are varmints IMHO. Maybe while you're down there, you could talk to the local sheriff and propose another solution to their problem. Tell him you have a group of "contractor" friends who can shoot quarters at extreme distances. If those coyotes had to replace enough van tires and radiators, maybe it would discourage them a little. Just sayin'.

We have a BIG gun show plus an "outdoor show" both at the Fairgrounds today. I was gonna make the gun show, but my buddies had to bail on me, so I think I'll just tinker on a few things here at the house. I have 30-40 rounds of loaded 9mm that I need to seat the bulle a few thou deeper in the case. I know it's theoretically safe, with the hole cut in shellholder so it won't push on the primer, but still ...

Y'all have a good'n, be safe, and turn the bad roads over to the crazies who just bought a 4WD and think they're invincible. ;)
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OK KF, you're not the last guy.
Mid 50's in Middle TN and the rain continues to fall. Wish we could scoop it up and send it to Dean. Wife & I were scheduled to attend a birding expedition in Paris TN beginning last night. Looked at the forecast and decided we didn't care to sit in the car watching ducks, nor did we wish to play slip & slide all the way home tomorrow. So we're here in the hollow watching it rain. I think my plan is to butcher some more 22 PPC short brass. Sure hope that stuff shoots as it's a total PIA to make.

G'day Y'all,
Bringing up the rear for sure today. Slept in pretty good, Dinah sure is warm. She is over a short bout of the chest crud but it slowed her down for a few.
That gun show has to be a bust KF. I had serious doubts early on and didn't commit to any tables.
We had rain start around 3 and it has been coming and going since, temps falling and wind gusting, swapping directions.
With the high in the low 20s tomorrow, it's going to be a sheet of ice w or w/o snow. Count on school closings Mon. We will probably miss church. Temp is 37° now having dropped 5° since noon. Nice easy transition for max ice build up.

That healthy young man by The Fence - sure reminds me of the days when we were all chest and - - - ker. As Mary Ann Faithful sang: Those were the days my friend, I thought they'd never end....... But glad to still be kicking shin high, anyway. Tom out
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