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Saturday Morning

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25° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today is to get up to about 30°. It is to be a sunny day mostly for a change. We are supposed to get some snow tomorrow night.

Well I signed up to be an IT subcontractor for another company yesterday. I had to fill out for another background check and go have a drug test. I don't know why I decided to do it already having my own business and am IT sub contracting for an aerospace company besides. I do enjoy working on computers and it keeps me active and I guess that is why did it. I don't have to take any sub contract jobs I don't want and I can still make time for the activities I want to do.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

A good real Saturday everyone! Its 21 here in NC Ohio with some normal temp days ahead ( that's winter normal they say ). Will be busy getting some stuff moved around in the pole barn, I need at least enough room for the Amish to get 24ft sheet of metal on the ceiling. It will improve the barn and really brighten it up. Hey George be thankful you have a talent too put to use. I myself have a hard time just taking care of myself. Off to stalk some breakfast. Have a great weekend if you still into that!! Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Saturday morning

26 degrees here and headed to 39 today.
George it sounds like you’re in a pretty good spot. I’m sure you can recall a time when you couldn’t afford to be so choosy about the work you did. It’s refreshing to hear about someone out there enjoying their work. I enjoy my job too but there sure are a lot of folks out there who don’t.

Looks like we’re in for some cold weather so I moved another stack of firewood up closer to the door. Next year’s supply is already looking pretty good.

A heavy box showed up on the doorstep yesterday. I’m going to try some 147 gr bullets in the 9mm. A friend recently bought a suppressor and I’m anxious to see how they do.

I’m also anxious to read about the Adventures of Skruske this morning. Last I heard he was squatting on some BLM land somewhere between Arizona and California.

Make it a good day
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God Morning from Waseca, it's a freezing 9 below zero, will get to 18 above or so they say.

I got more cleaning and organizing done yesterday, more of the same today. The garbage man is going to get a load Monday.

Looks like the living room leak left a stain on the carpet, need to try to get that up also.

Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Mornin boys...
Phone says its 37 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Don't know what we'll get into today.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good Saturday morning folks. It's 31° here with sunshine. Looks like we're going to miss out on the rain and snow this weekend. I'm fine with that. I got a new SS prop for the boat in the mail yesterday. Scored on a nice used one cheap. Also got a shipment of fishing tackle at the shop. I'll pick that up today. It is going to be a long one. Have to work 10-2 then cover a gun raffle tonight. At least there's no plans for tomorrow, except maybe bring in more firewood.

Coffee is ready and eggs are on. Still holding at 9 lbs loss on the diet. I guess I'll keep going. Have a good one.

morning all. 27 with wind already this morning, high 30s later, both temp and mph.
Slept in and sure felt good, but now it's getting light out and I haven't even got my boots on yet! :rolleyes:
Travis and I took off yesterday and went a callin', saw six coyotes around, only called one in and Travis got that one. :D Glad he got a chance to shoot, I didn't even see it till after he shot. Must be getting old or something.
Back to work in the shop today, with the wind blowing that's a good place to be anyway.
Better go hunt down some breakfast, Gwyn's still sleeping.
Have a great Saturday and be safe.
Nuttin' but more rain per the weather people:(. Have a list of things I can do in the gun room, so not all is lost, just the sunshine. LOL
CarlP, for what it's worth, I have found that my 9mm's gave me slightly better accuracy than the lighter bullets.
Great morning all,

A bit windy, some clouds with 54° at this hour out here in the rocky desert. 65° and still windy this afternoon.

The road move & set up got completed by3pm. We carefully applied some gravity and truck twisting so we had a view of the Colorado River & Senator Wash (reservoir) right along the California & Arizona boarder. We are only 20 miles north of Yuma.

This is the scenery from about 2 miles west and higher up. The Colorado River supplies irrigation water for several fertile valleys in the area.


We did ride & explore from around 4pm til dark. I know y'all would much rather see Debra Dearest.

Helmets are required in CA so a pony tail hides helmet head when hiking.:D

We poked our heads into a lava dome. This hole is about 12 feet wide. It was connected to another hole about 15 feet away.

The entire hillside was hollowed. I took a rock & pounded on it and you could hear the deep sound with each strike.

More exploring this unique landscape today. Riding & hiking places off the beaten path is very enjoyable.

Edit to add.
This was our sunrise a few minutes ago. The phone camera doesn't begin to capture the vista.

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Morning Gents! Its 32º here headed for the low 40's and partly cloudy. The wind chill feels like 24º. Rolled out kinda slow this morning nursing a hurting back. Probably go see the oldest Grandson cross over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts after while. We'll probably all go out to eat afterwards.

On another note, yesterday I finished depriming the 2 20mm ammo cans of 9mm's that I started on last week. I also finished tumbling all of the other stuff I deprimed since Christmas. Got it sorted and stored away. That makes my loading room a lot neater!

You'all have a good one!
I’ve loaded nothing but 124 gr for the past few years. Gonna give these 147’s a try with some Titegroup. Probably head to the range tomorrow afternoon to try them out.
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