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Saturday Morning

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23° here in Upstate NY this morning, supposed to be a sunny day with the high temperature to be up to about 39°. Tonight and tomorrow they say we will get rain.

Wasn't a bad day at all yesterday I was able to work at home most of the day. Today I have to go to a funeral for a friend from church.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Waseca, 28 now with snow flurries, big one starting around 3pm, high of 32 and 0 mph wind.
Yesterday was not too bad, other than I could barely walk. Knee feels a little better this morning.
Lunch at my daughters today along with a history lesson for them, the brown truck dropped off a box with my latest "toy" A Pacific Perfection Press from 1929.
Yesterday I set up the camera gear in the office and took a few pictures, happy with the new setup as these pictures show.
A complete Ideal No. 10 by Marlin (1905-1910) in caliber 30-45.

Hope everyone has a blessed Saturday,


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Good Morning

31 here in NC Ohio with rain starting tonight, rather send it to Dean!! Need to get to AT&T and get a new phone again this one lasted 3weeks, maybe I need a new carrier. Back to work on the pole barn. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
The weekend is here

37 degrees and headed to 60 with rain.
Didn’t have to go into work today so it looks like I might get caught up on some chores around here. Might get some more wood split before the rain rolls in.
I made it to the range this week to try out the 147 grain 9mm’s. Tin Man was right. They seemed to shoot better than the lighter bullets I’ve been shooting so it looks like the Dillon is going to get a good workout today.

No word from Skruske yesterday. I’m thinking maybe he’s doing some California Dreamin’ . Maybe driving the side by side up to SanFrancisco and joining the Haight-Ashbury crowd. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tie-dyed plaid shirt.

Interesting pictures Ken. I’ve seen Ideal hand loaders like that at gun shows but have never seen one in action.

JR- looks like I’m gonna be doing a little trapping soon too. My wife informed me that the raccoons are raiding her bird feeders. Gonna launch an assault on them before they start having their little ones this spring.

Make it a good day.
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Good morning folks. Its 55° and blowing a gale here on Tybee Island. No fishing today for anybody, that's for sure. It's downright nasty out, but no rain or snow.

We had a great time on the water yesterday and we all got a bit sunburnt, but only got 1 small redfish between the 4 of us. Extra high king rides have things muddy and stirred up and they just weren't biting. Oh well. Then about 3:30 in the afternoon a cold front rolled in along with the wind and fog. We sat outside under roof to eat last evening and it was a bit chilly. Guess we are going exploring in Savannah today. Try to get out before dark they say.:rolleyes: I didn't bring my pistola.

Have a good one.

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morning all. 19 with fresh snow moving around. Got maybe 2 inches and now a 20mph breeze to pile it in the roads and off the fields. Will get cranked up to around 30mph later today. Going to be hard on the new baby calves.
Worked in the shop some yesterday but really didn't get anything done. Will probably spend most of the day with the cows today.
Slept in, head pounding, need to get something to eat and some drugs.
Travis made it back to Wisconsin safe and sound, thanks for the prayers!
Better get moving around, have a great weekend.
Great morning folks,

Cool & clear with about 40° out here in the dirt & rocks. 63° later.

The Canadians came for a visit and ride. We wandered around in an more modern open gold mine. Best as I can tell it last operated in the early 80's.

Not much to see in the picture.

Mike found a small shaft on the far side of a hill. The horizontal hole went in a ways but with out proper gear he didn't crawl in.

Hiking and attending an RC air show are the activities for today. Perhaps an evening ride.

Mid 60's tomorrow with mid 70's by Monday.
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Mornin boys...
Yep, rain here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning from the sticks of Kentucky where it is still raining, and will continue for most of the day. Bad weather to be a Damcow but it is warm enough at 46° going to 60.
I survived the trip to Louisville yesterday and had lunch with Jackson at Skyline Chilli....his favorite. The Show of Shows was pretty crowded and a lot of expensive items were moved. I saw a fella buy a Federal Generals sword for $23,000 and a German infantry tunic very plain...went for $4,800. Jacksons friend sold one of Elvis P rings for $40,000 cash. ALL transactions were CASH. A lot of Money was in that room...Millions .
I saw a dealers stash that i would estimate at 200Gs in hundreds.
Yery nice stuff has trippled in value in the last 5 years.
I did make a purchase but rather modest.

Charlie, you are havibg a great day because you are at the Ocean and the rest of us Ain't. Skruske is in Desert Heaven and loving it. I am here stuck in the Mud, but it could be snow. Gotta go let Otis Kat outside. Hes still wanting to go Pussycat hunting.

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More expensive items

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Morning Gents! Its a lazy rainy morning here. 54º headed for the high 60's with rain and T'Storms. We're under a flood watch and a fog advisory at the moment. Not much happening here today, Granddaughter has a gym meet that we're probably going to skip. It would be a 70 mile drive and then a long walk to the actual gym building, all in a stiff rain. You'all have a good one!
Good morning, GoGo. It's a warm 45 in Louisville going to 60. We had a little rain overnight, but not really much. The day-long deluge we were expecting is mostly holding south of us right now. Looks like we could still get some stormy weather later, but it's not bad right now, just heavy overcast. Looks like JR, Buff, and the Buck Creek area are getting the full brunt of it.

Carl, if you trap any boar *****, I'd sure like a fresh supply of **** bones. I don't need to explain that, right? :D

Charlie, I'm sure sorry the fishing isn't working very well so far, but at least you aren't shoveling snow. Be sure to take your buddies Smith & Wesson to Savannah with you.

Scott, I can't believe you didn't insist on searching every nook and cranny of that old abandoned gold mine. All that glitters is not brass, you know.

JR, that big Louisville gun show you visited is one of the few around here that hasn't flatly banned any kind of Nazi memorabilia, regardless of the fact that it's an important part of world history. To me, that's just like sticking your head in the sand. Ignore it, act like it never happened and then it'll be less likely to happen again. Yeah, right.

So, what's Mikey up to today? Gotta watch the U of L Cards play Virginia at noon, and hope it's not as ugly as the 20-point loss to Syracuse. Then there's the post-game nap that's necessary because Miss Cindy's alarm went off at 0630. She slapped it off and slept another three hours, but once Mikey was awake, that was it. I need to work on some 6BR and 6PPC, get it ready for the Balloon Bust.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there. MPC, don't be getting up on any scaffolds unless there's someone else around, y'hear? ;)
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Scott, I can't believe you didn't insist on searching every nook and cranny of that old abandoned gold mine. All that glitters is not brass, you know.
I believe it is considered rude to gather shiny stuff on an active gold claim.;) Especially one with recent/annual activity.
Skruske is honest to the bone

I believe it is considered rude to gather shiny stuff on an active gold claim.;) Especially one with recent/annual activity.
Yeah, iffen he finds a 5# gold nugget alayin therein the dirt, he will just walk on by.
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