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Saturday Morning

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18° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today is to be up to about 40°. Tomorrow we will probably get some rain along with some high winds.

Yesterday was another busy day and today looks like it is going to be that way also. I have an appt. the first thing this morning at 8:00AM and then I will go from there.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Bartonville, TX. It's 70 now with a small thunderstorm. This will continue through mid morning then clear off, high of 75.
Today is yard work day and get the power washer out to wash my truck. I have not been able to find a carwash it will fit in.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
13* on the outside. This is March 9. This is so wrong.
Mew Midway reloading catalog showed up. That could hurt the credit card. If ol' Lar knew how much less I spend without the yearly master catalog, he would be upset.
There is nothing better than grazing through catalogs on a winter night to get the credit card out of your pocket. There is a reason Sears referred to their catalog as the "Wish Book".
Good Morning

22 here in NC Ohio with lots of frost on the pumpkin. The metal for the barn arrived at 3:30 yesterday, I even cancelled a doc. appt. at 7:30 AM to wait that long @#$24#$!! Oh well I still got a real Saturday. Have a retirement party for a nephew that's retiring from Honda this weekend. The sun is up and looks like a good day to keep the rifle handy for the lazy groundhogs that were under the floor of the heated pole barn. Be safe and Prayers for those and country. Special Prayer for Jen, Doug, and Family. Mike
Hello and a good morning from the sticks of Kentucky where it is Not Raining. Cloudy though but not cold. Yesrerday morning i had this little guy waiting for me. It was muddy and wet but i got it out of the drainage ditch and on to somedry hay...seemd to be fine later.

I saw a video yesterdays of a covey of the new Corvettes test driving down hwy 95 in Yuma Az. Near their test facility there. The new not released mid engine type i put Skruske on the case. He should be along shortly with a photo of him driving on of them....He is scheduled to post today As he was absent yesterday.
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Mornin boys...
Phone says its 42 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
No rain yet but ...I think they give a chance the next several
days. Charlie, my brother said he heard the fish wouldn't biting and
as high as it is, probably have to go to the dam to catch'em...
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Great morning folks,

Chilly 50° before the sun rises over the mountain out here in the dirt & rocks east of Yuma. Sure was windy yesterday & the dirt was polishing the rocks. Today it will warm to about 67°.

We did take a short hike after running errands. Wind was blow directly into the main doors of the store & it was windy inside too.

It is move day. We are loading up and heading north to Castle Dome. It will be new base of operations for a few days. There's are some interesting trails to ride there.

I think Monday we will be moving toward Florence for more riding. Weather is calling it cool all week & it won't get into the 70's.
morning all. 17 here with some white stuff on the ground, almost covers the gravel in the driveway, almost.
Running really late this morning, should be out checking cows already! And the time hasn't even change yet!
Had to work out in the wind yesterday, the 04 ford f350 diesel we feed with puked all the oil out on the ground, pressure sender leaking. Got a new one and finally got it changed out. Didn't get any work done in the shop.
We had 27 new calves born yesterday, that's a record for us!
Better get, have a great day and weekend.
Good morning

32 and dry for now but rain is on the way. Looks like I’m going to be home alone for awhile. They stocked the lakes with rainbow trout a few weeks ago with more coming in two weeks. I might go get a few of them and throw them on the grill a little later.
Heading out to help my brother in law with a little project at his house before the rain sets in and then probably spend an hour or two pulling the handle on the Dillon.

Make it a good day. Prayers offered for those in need.
Good morning folks. It's 32° here with clouds and maybey some rain overnight into tomorrow. We have a dusting of snow on the drive and back porch from yesterday. Be gone here shortly, but still have lots of snow on the ground from last weekend. Temps will climb to near 60 with rain later in the week so it will be gone soon. I sure hope that was the last shot of winter here. Wood stove is keeping up with the chill and the pile inside is dwindling. I think I'll try to get it burned up and clean up the basement so i dont have wood inside all summer. Brings bugs and spiders with it. The wood shed isn't far from the house if i need more.

Got our yearly bonus yesterday. Was a pretty good one, but obviously would have liked more. I'm sure others were better than mine, for reasons unknown to me. I just want to be compensated fairly, and don't believe the upper level management have a clue what I do. I'm in the middle of a switch in duties though, and hopefully that will bring some recognition and more money. I know the new group I'm working with is glad for the help and appreciates me. My old group doesn't realize what they are losing. Been doing the same thing for 15 years and am as high as i can go. Time for a change to a group with potential for new opportunities, challenges and more money. That's why we work right?

Well I need to get busy. Have to work at the shop a bit today. Not sure what the afternoon will bring.

Have a good one!

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Morning Gents! Its 63º and raining here on this lazy Saturday morning. We may have a few T"storms before it moves out this afternoon.

The contractors ran out of grout yesterday before they finished the floor so they are back here this morning. The new cabinets are scheduled to arrive on Monday so things are moving along nicely.

Not much planned for today except that the youngest Granddaughter wants to go out to eat tonight for her Birthday.

You'all have a good one!
Morning guys. 31 here right now extremely cloudy overcast just like yesterday, 34 is the forecast high with rain. Thick ice & snow everywhere, its like living in an igloo. Some of the big piles will be around until mid April. Wife and I are working on getting the paperwork for taxes ready. Have a good one fellas.
54º with fog, clouds and misting rain in the hollow. Slept in this morning which is a rare thing and just finished breakfast with my wife. Couple of orders to get to the PO before noon and some emails to send. May finish loading for one of the competition rifles. I'm trying to get at least one batch of ammo loaded for every rifle to get a head start on the season. Once it starts, things get busy. We actually did start this month but it's a short calendar. Things get cranked up in April. Going to be a dreary day, but having dinner with my son, D-I-L & grandson tonight. They kids gave us a dinner for our anniversary two years ago and we've not had a chance to use it. So tonight is the night at the "Old School Restaurant".

G'day Y'all,
Morning gang, 56 headed to 60 here in KY, wish Dean had some of our rain, heck all of it for about 2-3 weeks would be good to me! Got to put some hay out for the cows, and run to town with the wife, having elk burgers for supper tonight, from one my buddy killed locally last year, was a small 4x3, but man is it good. I helped him butcher it, and ground and packaged all the burger, he gave me about 45# of assorted elk cuts, my favorite meat! Remember those in need of prayer, Buff out!
Good mor.…..afternoon. Got to bed at 6am this morning after hunting all night. We seen or called in 11 dogs but nothing would commit and come into range.:rolleyes: I steadied up on my sticks best I could and took a pop shot at one in the dark at about 400yrds....4red led lights make them pretty visible. I just didn't hold over correctly. We didn't get anything on the ground and rain is on its way. Oh well.... we did get pulled over by a couple county sheriffs....was told the first deputy misread my plate and it didn't match my truck.:rolleyes: Just told us to have a good night after seeing they were proper.

Might tinker with the truck for a few then just go find something else to do...i'm sure the wife can think of something.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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