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Saturday Morning

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21° here in Upstate NY this morning, it is supposed to get up to about 35° today for a high temperature. We lucked out here yesterday for snow, I only had about 1" total wet slushy snow. My Daughter who lives 15 miles away got 8". In fact it warmed up in the afternoon and melted off here. It is quite blustery out and is to stay that way for the day.

I was busy again yesterday, today I am going to take it a little easier and just loaf I hope. The Senior play of my Granddaughters for last night was cancelled so we will go to that this evening.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning

A great good morning George and others to follow. 28 here in NC Ohio with the promise of sunshine. If the wind doesn't blow more garden work will get done. Hope it warms up today would like to have a lady out for a cookout, maybe? Oh-well time will tell. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning from Bartonville Texas, 61 now 71 later. It was 80 yesterday, really felt good. Might rain today. Not much accomplished yesterday and today looks no better.
Been planning a trip to California for April.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Great morning folks,

Frosty at 23° with a big moon & clear sky here near Halfway USA. High of 47° today. Cold & windy yesterday.

A little bit got done outside yesterday. The trailer is mostly emptied. Now it's time to do the needed maintenance, when it warms up a bit. Mostly inside chores got handled. Mostly the same for today.

Debra Dearest will return this evening from her annual hen party downstate.

For the week up coming, taxes get handled, meet with the finance guy to see how much fun we get to have for another year.

I have heard from the ranchers out in Montana. Looks like this year's trip will have far fewer participants. Still, I'm going full house with the big doublewide & other fun stuff. Got to make the most of our travels in the great west.
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Good morning from Southport, IN where it’s 24 heading for 53. Golfing later this morning. Should be warmed up to survivable by then. Stopped by the gun shop last night after the fish fry. That tax refund hasn’t arrived yet and it’s already burning a hole the size of another Glock in Julie’s pocket. Biscuits and gravy approaching.

Have a good day.
Morning Gents! Its 43º and cloudy here headed for the mid or upper 60's. There is some chance of rain today with the chances increasing for tonight and tomorrow.

The Wife and I are going to meet a buddy in town for breakfast in a few and then me and him will go hook up to my gooseneck. We've got to get one of his tractors and a relift and go over to the Duck club. We're trying to drain a couple of ponds for a Dove hole and the Beavers have the drainage ditch stopped up. The water is so deep that we can't even find the end of the convert! We may make it back over there tonight and sit on the bank and wait for them to come make their repairs. Look out Mr Beaver! Ha Ha!

You'all have a good one.
blue sky, 17 degree and 5 inches of new snow in SWNY
Good morning all....rolled out of bed about 6 this morning after staying up watching movies last is taking longer to kick in this morning. Hoping to pull my truck bed today sometime after I get back from picking up my engine if it doesn't distract me too bad. I got all of my paying work done at least until I get a new cooling fan motor for my main shop locked up and I used it off and on with a floor fan blowing into the back of it. Fan should be here Monday I hope....$180 later.

Have a good day!
morning all. 25 here after yesterday of snow flurries off and on all day. Spring time in the Rockies!
Trip to town took up most of the morning and into the afternoon so didn't get much done in the shop. But now have parts needed to finish up what's in there and start on other tractors.
Running late as usual for Saturday, so better get around the cows and chores.
Have a great day and be safe. Prayers for all, and the folks in the flood waters.
Good morning

28 degrees here. Adding to next year’s woodpile is on the agenda big ash tree to take down and a whole lot of elm that was dropped earlier in the year needs to be cut up and split.

Might get a little shooting in before the rain rolls in early this evening.
36º as the sun climbs over the ridge and begins to shine in Peay Hollow. Weather folks say we'll reach the mid 60's today. My wife got up about 4:00 to get ready for here W/E and I rolled out about 5:00 to help her. The dogs got up briefly but have shown more sense than their owners and have gone back to bed. Since I have no adult supervision today I may play a bit. I need to do some things at the new range and will take at least one rifle to work with. I do love spring.

G'day Y'all,
Good Saturday morning folks. It's a windy 31° here today. It blew all night did my furnace. Should have made a fire in the stove. Last night after work I scrubbed on that muzzleloader some more and mounted a scope. It's a 5.5-20 Monarch. Little ridiculous for a MZ but all I had. Good enough for load workup. I picked up some maxi-balls for it last night. Going to coat them in 320 & 600 grit and fire lap that barrel. When Sue got home we went for dinner at a BBQ joint down in MD. It was good but not as good as mine. Came home and collapsed, long week.

Have to work at the shop a bit today but no gun drawings this weekend. Carl, would you kindly stall that rain a bit for me? I need to cut some wood as well. I'll cut today and split and stack tomorrow. It can rain all it wants after that.

Well I better get moving. Finish my coffee and shower. Have a good one.

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Morning gang, 35 here headed to 55! I have to run some errands, then the wife and I are going out to the big farm, to see what damage was done by the flooding, the river got way out of its banks, may need to saw up some logs and get them out of the fields. Anyway, promises to be a nice weekend, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
Well, I haven't seen anything from the Damcowfarmer, so maybe I won't be tail-end Charlie today. I don't think Doc or Birdog have posted either. It's a nice, sunny 45 in Louisville, going to 56.

Main thing on my list today is being set up properly to watch my alma mater, Murray State, play Florida State in a second-round game around 6 p.m. UK plays Wofford -- what's a Wofford? -- around 3, but I'm just not excited about that one. Tomorrow at noon the U of L Lady Cards play their second tourney game and I'll have that one on for sure; will have to really hustle home from church.

Today I'm hoping to find some beef ribs and try smoking them for the first time. I can do pretty good pork ribs, but have never tried beef ribs. It's even kind of hard to find them around here. Sam's Club carries them, but they're cut kind of funny. I'm gonna see if Aldi's might have some. Charlie smokes beef some, so I may have to give him a call for guidance.

Mikey (MPC), I hope you have some luck luring a lady out to your place for dinner. If you need any advice, I'd suggest you call the Damcowfarmer or Voldoc. That's all I'd better say about that. :D

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
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