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Savage Model 12 barrel for sale in WY

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I inherited a bunch of gun stuff, this barrel was part of it. This is a Savage Model 12 stainless steel heavy barrel in 6MM Norma BR. The barrel is 29 1/2 " long, 7/8" diameter at the muzzle, 8" twist. Condition is excellent as far as I can tell, I am no expert on these things. The exterior has no scratches, dents or other flaws that I can find, threads are as new and unmolested. Bore appears bright and shiny. I have no idea as to round count, I know the previous owner was not a varmint hunter or given to long sessions at the range.

$135.00 with free shipping and insurance. .
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Barrel is SPF
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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