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Being from Iowa and now Minnesota I am familiar with Scheels. They are a decent place to get most anything sport related along with guns and reloading supplies.
The Scheels out here in between Greeley and Ft Collins is a complete destination. 250,000 Sq ft with huge salt water aquarium and a ferris wheel.
The gun department has not as large as I expected. And they had no powder that I needed. RL 17 and N160.
Great coffee and pizza in the snack bar.
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Have fun on the trip and send us some Photos.
I had never heard of Scheels until Marty and I took a trip out west a couple years ago. I think the one we visited was near Sioux Falls. Sure wish we had a place like that around here. I was also impressed with the Runnings store in Mitchell, SD.
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Ive ordered alot from them.
They had a lot of high-dollar rifles at Coralville. Some of ‘em used. All of ‘em well above my pay grade.
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