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Season's end ramblings..

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.. Our deer season ends Monday but since they're calling for rain today and tomorrow I called it quits Saturday (plus it'll be nice to spend New Year's Eve/Day with Mrs Sandy)..

.. I got all the deer I needed and one I wanted.. A coupla days ago I just waved on a nice 8 pointer that popped up 10 yards in front of me after getting the crosshairs on his shoulder and flipping the safety off.. His rack was OK, but nothing special and I just wasn't interested enough to kill him over it.. Earlier in the season he'd have been toast, but I enjoyed watching him, and then the dog, run off as well.. Although I detected a slight sneer from "No Balls" as he went by for my failure to bring his efforts to fruition..

..Maybe I'm the sappy one but season's end is always a little depressing.. While I'm greatly looking forward to "calling season" and the accompanying small game seasons, they just somehow don't carry the weight that deer season does.. Then there's that last day anxiety about which stand is to be the last of the season and all that.. It never works out the way I planned (Murphy still rules).. A lot of things can change between deer seasons and no two are exactly alike.. We only get so many.. The thought of one not being hunted as hard as is tolerable is unsavory..

.. I can't quite put my finger on it but somehow the club seems different in the off season.. Even tho I actually can do more when the "part-timers" aren't around and the more "active" hunting pursuits are very enjoyable.. What is it about deer season that makes a normally somewhat sane fella want to go and freeze inna tree for hours on end.? And then miss it.?

.. One saving grace about this year tho' is that the "meat hunting" doesn't really end with the deer season.. We got us a case of the feral pigs this year so there's still "big meat" to be had in "them thar woods".. The coyote are thicker than ever and seems ya can't hardly take a step in the river bottom without tripping over a rabbit.. Quail are standing ready to jump-start-your-heart at every turn.. The Bobcat are out in record numbers.. Johnny's old tired butt killed 3 in the last week of season from the same spot.. Sitting in his truck looking down one of the 2-tracks known as "Doe Road".. Arrrgghhh.!! How much time do I spend in the woods chasing these things just ta have this old coot nailin'em out the window.?!? :eek: That's still OK anyways, tho'.. He's been on a dry spell for several years now and this year he mopped up.. There'll be no livin' with him over rabbit season..

.. And this is the time to get out and "JJ it" a bit.. (ref: Jeremiah Johnson) Time to strap on the backpack with enough junk in it to build a house, grab the shotgun, whistle up the mutt and head out for points unknown to camp, cook, hang limb lines in the river and find ever more creative ways to subject myself to the "fine and pleasant misery" of outdoor living.. Hehehe..

.. So I reckon it ain't all that depressing afterall, eh.? :) I can honestly say that I had a great deer season.. I hope this Holiday season was enjoyable for everyone and Happy New Year to you all.!! d:^) Jake

PS- There was no point what-so-ever about this post except for me to do a little post season rambling..[/SIZE]
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Good read Jake. Our deer season has one more week to go. Our friend Fred was supposed to be here this weekend, but things didn't work out, so I skipped the woods for Buck Creek. I couldn't get excited about sitting in the rain this AM, but I may wander up the hollow and sit in a shooting house for last light this PM. I have only put two in the freezer so far and that's a little light. Watch eight does a couple of days ago near full dark, but didn't want to do the work, so they all walked. Looks like no bucks this year. After last year's wall hanger nothing else has looked impressive and I've passed on more than I usually even see.

Thanks for sharing. Come join us in May @ Somerset.
but didn't want to do the work, so they all walked
.. Ya know, I will hafta admit that the drag outta that creekbottom, and the resultant work afterwards, crossed my mind in the decision to let that buck walk.. :D

..Sorry to the core, every last one of us at one time or another.. Hehehe..:rolleyes: :D Jake

Glad to here you had a great deer season. And yes thanks for sharing. Art
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