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SG Ammo-1 attaboy.

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Good Guys at SGAmmo!

Got a case of CCISV in from SGammo this morning. Ordered on Wednesday & in my tender greedy little hands this morning. Unfortunately the tender hands award will not be awarded to UPS. Bottom corner of the case was damaged from what looks like being dropped or run into something. Luckily I was here when they dropped it off & I immediately called them on it. They said to call it in & I've initiated the UPS claim.

I let SGAmmo know about the damage as I felt they, as the shipper, should be in the loop on what's going on & in less than 7 minutes I had a response offering to replace the case of ammo. I had made it abundantly clear I did not hold them responsible in any way, it was UPS's fault. But he made the offer to replace it and that speaks volumes to me.

I did open the 2 damaged cartons (after receiving UPS' blessing) & it looks like only 2 boxes are damaged in 1 carton & 1 or 2 in the other. Since we all know the only way to test 22 ammo priming is to try & fire it which then changes it's delivery condition, I'm going to just sit on the case until UPS does something.

Until I test the damaged boxes & several others in each carton, I don't know if affects anything or not. If it does, I'll let them pay for another case from SG. If they say no to the testing they can also replace the entire case. I've already got 2+ cases of Remington SV "ball & dummy" ammo to practice clearing duds.
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I hope it all works out for you one way or the other, that is a bummer and should be on UPS.
I have always liked S&G

Good to hear that they are working with you.
Sorry to hear about Un Protected Shipping at it again.:eek:
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