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Shephard Scopes Good


we sell quite a few Shephard scopes at our shop. The guys that buy them love them. Make sure you get the right scope for the bullet/rifle you are using. My boss bought one to try on his 300 WM for elk/deer. He's killed elk at 600, and several deer out to 300. Went to the range one time with him. They have gongs set at 200-600 meters. Just put the circle on the gong and squeeze. With the right bullet for the circles, it's point an pull. The best part is the way the circles are sized, you don't need a rangefinder.


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I haven't owned one in 6-7yrs.

At the time they had some serious QC issues and CS sucked.

From what I've heard they've improved the QC issues but CS is still poor.

Too many other fine scope makers out there for me to trust them again.

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I've only owned 2 of them. Both had to go back for warranty repair (at different times). One they had for 4 months (waiting on parts....LOL) when I got it back it wasn't fixed. Sent it back again, they had it 5 weeks. Came back fixed.

The other one had the reticle break. They had it over 3 months. I used it for 1 season and the windage adjuster locked up. Sent it back, they had it almost 2 months, came back with a very stiff and "gritty" windage adj.

I sold both of them.

Communication with them was also no pleasure. Lot's of "I don't knows", failure to return phone calls etc.

I've been told that the quality issue is "better", but the CS still stinks.

However, I haven't dealt with them in several years, and obviously won't have any need too as I'll never buy their product again.

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Shepherd Scopes - Fact Finding

A short while ago I found where a couple of individuals had purchased
new Shepherd rifle scopes for their rifles. Right off the bat they had
nothing but problems, and not just with the scopes!

For the past several months now, I have attempted to contact
Shepherd. From the first time of viewing their ads, and website
I have noticed that they no longer specifically state their claim
of an unlimited, and lifetime warranty. What I have found is that
they have made one claim in a posting in a letter than they only
warranty their scopes for one year, or until they are mounted.
Sound stupid? Sure does!

The two people were put off by their dealer for months, and
given different things to try to get the scopes working as Shepherd
claims they should work. In fact, they were stalled off long enough
that the twelve month warranty was no longer in effect. Even
though the scopes had been purchased when Shepherd was still
advertising a unlimited, lifetime warranty Shepherd, and the dealer
still refused to honor their commitment.

Both had sent emails to Shepherd on the problem, and got not
one reply. The dealer finally agreed to send the scopes back to
Shepherd after finally calling and making the arrangements. Still,
the two, plus myself were trying to contact Shepherd to no avail.
For me, regular U.S. Mail and two different email addresses for
Shepherd got not even one acknowledgment. That was with a
total of seven different attempts. Posing questions on their
scopes as a prospective customer did nothing. Proposing later
that I, as a writer, might not help their business without some
answers also got no response. Nothing Shepherd did suggested
anything but a company out to make a quick buck with a faulty

After a couple of months having both the scopes shipped to them
by the dealer for the two people, the scopes finally arrived back
with the info that they were repaired. They were NOT! Absolutely
nothing had been done to correct the problem, and by appearances,
nothing at all had been done with them. There was a target that
Dan Shepherd had enclosed as a 'Test' target, supposedly with a
rifle for each persons scope. However, to me, the targets looked
as if a totally different caliber had been used for testing, and both
appeared to be exactly the same target copied. This further tends
to indicate that Shepherd does nothing, and is unable to fix their
own scope problems.

Good idea? Yes! The principle behind the Shepherd scopes appears
sound. The problem is that Shepherd is NOT a company that can
produce that idea. Further findings show Shepherd scopes to have
poor optics, and overall quality for the money. So far, and with
numerous 'victim' reports, Shepherd is not a company to do business
with for your scope needs. Aside from what Shepherd, and their
dealers state, until a company such as one of the more commonly
known ones can produce this type of product, Shepherd should be
avoided, like the plague.
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