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Simmons Master Series vs. Bushnell Trophy for .22

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Hello all - first post on the new style board. I have a Ruger 10/22 - that I got for Christmas this year. I need a new scope for this rifle - I am doing some basic upgrades on the rifle and was looking at probably a 3x-9x scope. I was thinking a Bushnell Trophy or maybe one of the new Simmons master series - prosport or prohunter.

What are your opinions on these? I own a Bush.Trophy handgun scope for my contender and like it and also an older Simmons Atec for the Ruger 77/22 22 hornet that I beleive is a good scope, at least for me. My last Simmons purchase was a 22mag that I got so mad at it ended up in the trash - so Simmons quality (for me) is in question.

My last 3 scope purchases have been Leupold VX-I 2x-7x for whitetail rifles - so not looking to spend that much.

Opinions are welcome...
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In my opinion, it seems that one gets what he pays for in a degree. The real high priced scopes, are too high priced for my blood. I don't really need Swarovski clarity for my shooting...if it is that much more clear. Can't really tell looking through them in a store.

I have had both Simmons and Bushnells and am still using the Simmons on a 22-250. It is a 20X that I rarely crank to 20 power though. The optics are just not that good, that high. Can't even say where I got that scope. I think it was on a rifle I bought.

I am hard pressed to buy another Bushnell. I have had several of those that couldn't hold zero on rifles that had recoil. Perhaps their quality has improved though.

Not much help, but I would look to save a few dollars more and go for a mid-priced scope that has good customer service and warranties.
I like the Bushnell Banner line, and I have a couple of Bushnell 3-9 rimfire models on my Ruger 77/22 rifles.
I have a bushnell 4 to 12 trophy with AO on my 10/22 heavy barrel that [Ihave been real happy with[/I]
I don't know anything about the newest Simmons scopes, but I have 3 of the 44Mag series on my PD rifles, and they've done good work for me, without any troubles whatsoever. My luck with Bushnells seems to parallel StevenDs.
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