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Smith & Wesson coyote??????????????

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My pard & I are having a good run lately on coyotes having killed a bout a dozen in the last month or so with rifles & one with a shotgun. We thought it might be a little more challenging to try for one with an open sighted S&W handgun. We have,between us a 357,44 mag, 41 mag & 45 Colt. Has anyone here done it like this? What bullets would you recommend? Any advise on tactics? Do you think we're nuts????????????
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I took my 2 boys out and setup at the edge of some timber overlooking a cow pasture. To make a long story short, the wind changed so I turned around to see if anything would come in behind us and it did. I saw some deer moving figured that they were being pushed. A pair came in behind us at about 30 ft. I couldn't quite dirty Harry it with my 44 mag quick enough. But I believe it is extremely possible.
I have taken a coyote using a Ruger GP100, .357 mag. Be cause of aging eyesight I mounted a 2x Leupold pistol scope on it, and I always wear my Peltor Tach 7's. I shoot 158gr HP's. I let him come in pretty close and he turned towards me when I cocked the hammer. I put the crosshairs on his chest and squeezed. FrankSoCal said, "He just fell over."

I usually only pack the revolver if I think I might get one up close. Depends on the area. It seems to add a little more excitement, will have to try it at night sometime, even more excitment.

I'll give a try at posting a pic.


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Anotehr try, larger???

Let's see if this works.


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Oh well!

Just click on the thumbnail to see the full pic.
I think getting a coyote with a hand gun moves the challenge up to a higher level.
I too always pack a side arm whereever I go just like a pocket knife.

Sniper Chuck, I finaly figured out how to get a pic on a forum by uploading them to a site called Then once they are there,you can cut and paste the
revolvers and coyotes

Naw, you're not nuts. You're just taking on a greater challenge!

I don't know what bullet to recommend in those calibers, but in my .32 H&R Mag Ruger Single Six, the Hornady 85 gr XTP works well.

Call 'em in close - and tell 'em to hold still for a moment!
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Dave, you should have an email with my thoughts about it all, nothing crazy about it at all, from my point of view, anyway!
for the 357mag I'd try Sierra 140 grain JHC's. Powder is up to you based on how well they shoot in your pistols.

For the 41Mag I shoot Sierra 170 grain JHC's in both my 657 and T/C. They move real well with 18.6 grains of 2400.

44Mag..... 180 grain Sierra JHC's.

45Colt.... 240 grain Sierra JHC's.

Guess you notice I am a fan of Sierra. Don't have a 44Mag and have yet to start loading up my 45Colt (Model 25-2 S&W).

I prefer the lighter bullets cause you can push then a tad faster, flatten out the trajectory and still not beat youself to death with recoil.

Just my nickles worth. And yes, Hornady does make a superb pistol bullet.:)
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Thanks for the input! I think we will give it a try this weekend if the weather holds. Will let you know when it happens!!!!!!!!!
I might as well add a "Tall Tale." About 8 or 10 years ago I spotted a lone Coyote walking around in a field approximately 90 or 100 yards distant adjacent to a state highway. I did not have a rifle but I DID have my Smith And Wesson Model 19 4 inch barrell police revolver .357 mag. loaded with .38 Spec +P bullets. I figured it was useless, but what the heck I might as well try a shot. I rested it on the side of the window and fired one off single action. Needless to say I was very surprised when the Coyote began his "flops and hops" before keeling over. Absolutely a Pure Accident......but I WAS shooting at him.
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