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South Dakota Prairie Dogs

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I'm new to varmint hunting and just purchased a Ruger 223. I live in Iowa, but would like to go to South Dakota to shoot prairie dogs. I'd like to find a ranger or two who allows individuals on their land to shoot prairie dogs. Any suggestions on how to find these ranchers. I call the Chamber of Commerce in local towns and counties with no luck. I called the Forest Service and they sugguest hunting on the National Grasslands.

Has anyone tried to do this on the National Grasslands? Thanks in advance for your help.

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#1). Welcome.
#2). How much do you want to spend?
#3). In Pierre there is a club VHA (Varmint Hunters Association) with magazine, 800 number, ads for guides, etc... [ I think]. If you don't mind the costs, go for it...
#4). The "free land" is much enjoyed and the p'dogs get thinned and educated. The farther you go off the beaten path, the better it gets. 4X used CAREFULLY... Which Forest Service Office did you contact? Try at least 2. Some are loaded with tree huggers who don't approve of you (but send out hired help to poison!). Douglas Wyo office used to have a list of ranchers begging for hunters... Haven't been for awhile... (DARN...)
#5). In SD the Indian (Native American) Reservations (rez) market guide services "for a price". Rosebud Rez, south center of the state, would be closest to Iowa. Web search them and get the current rules/costs. Beyond them, due west, the Pine Ridge. They have an alcohol problem much discussed in the press and not as good a rep. North Center, Standing Rock/Eagle Butte. Good reports over the years. North of them straddling the SD/ND border, another Rez. Fort Yates. Each rez has a game department that regulates hunting/shooting on the rez. comes to mind, but that is Pine Ridge...
#6). there has been a drought, BAD, SO population are probably down a bit.
#7). I prefer Wyoming, but suit yourself. happy trails...
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