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Speer Bullets

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I was wondering if anyone uses Speer bullets here. I use to shoot them in the 22-250, 243 and 6mm but I haven't in quite a few years now. I looked in my components cabinet and I still have some 52HP's, 55TNT's and 105 Spritzers. I have shot all Sierra's since the early 90's. I was browsing Graf's and I was surprised to see them listed at a fairly lower price now. They can be bought for almost half the price of Sierras now. I was thinking about trying some 70TNT's in the 243 and 6mm to see if the accuracy is acceptable as they would make me a good bullet for informal target shooting along with varmint hunting.
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I use custom bullets for competition, 69 Sierra MatchKing is still my general go to bullet for .223., prairie dogs get launched with 40gr Hornady V-Maxes, and my whitetail bullet is an 85 grain Sierra flat base fired from a .243. BUT, one of my favorite self-defense handgun bullets is the Speer Gold Dot. I'd hate to see any of our mainline bullet companies go out of business, so I'm glad my ammo dollars get spread around. Nothing at all wrong with Speers, especially if they're a good price.
Never had a problem with Speers. Of course, I dont have any multi-thousand dollar guns or scopes and dont measure groups to less than the 1/8" for the most part, so that may have something to do with it. I know some people luv some of their bullets, for accuracy and hunting. I used a 165 btsp in my 06 for years for deer, and found it as accurate in my pumpgun as the Sierra, although a bit soft at close range. I saw teh Sierra shed the jacket at 100 yds on a small deer - BT's are more likely to do that I guess. I'm about to try a 40 gr 224 SP for predators soon. Being a PA Dutchman, dead and cheap is better
In the areas I have lived, there were fewer places that sold Speers than Sierra and Hornady, and that probably biased my choice of bullets. At one time, I lived only about a half hour away from a club range I used a lot, making the trip to Sedalia (Sierra) so that made things easy choices.
My 1980's 6mm Remington Varminter that shoots the Speer .243 70gr at a max load of IMR 4350 which gets me right at 3500'ps out of this rifle. Accuracy is 3/4" or less @ 100 yds. I also have a 6x 45 AR15 that is a true one hole shooter using this same Speer 70gr TNT bullet. I doubt accuracy will be an issue for you.

FWIW, I also shoot the 125gr TNT .308 bullets with a max load of VV N135 powder. Seems like no matter what 308 rifle I put this load in, the bullets go to almost the same hole at 100yds. Good combination of components. This bullet is not easy on hides though. Out to 300 yds, it will disassemble a coyote.
KF, I used a lot of the 85 FB Sptz. in the 6mm for varmints, I always thought the 85HPBT was the bullet for whitetails. I used a lot of them in one 243 for varmint hunting.
Gold dots in my carry guns for the most part.
I've been hunting white tails with Speer 55gr Bonded Bear Claw bullets for a number of years. To date I've killed more than 40 using that bullet in an Encore chambered in 5.6x50 AI. When I heard they had discontinued this bullet I found a stash and bought enough to last the rest of my life.

Speer TNT's are good to me...

Yea, I know the thread's 2 months old...

I've always had a soft spot for Speer, notwithstanding they're far removed from the originator, Vernon Speer.

My 25-06 AI shot OK, till I found some 87 TNT's during the bullet drought a few years ago. The first group was one tiny hole, and after my amazement, I shot 5 separate targets to ensure the TNT's weren't breaking up. R-22, IMR-7828 and R-25 all do well with them. At 3700 feet, they do a job on the pds. I ran across a deal at Widener's for a box of 750 and snapped them up. I hope the barrel lasts that long.

Same thing for the .224 50 TNT's, got the box of 2K from someone here on the board and use them in three rifles: Win 223, Rem 700 223 AI, and Rem 700 22-250.

Working up loads for the 30 cal 125's, and just started on some 70 gr for the 6mmRem.

I don't know why they're not as popular, maybe they do lots of govt work, or something. SW usually has a smaller inventory and it is hit and miss for particular bullets.

Merry Christmas out there and take care all, - West
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Just got some 130's for a 7mm-08 that i'm itching to try. It was recommended by Keith Candler who likes this bullet very much.

Yes the 52gr match fbhp gold and silver I have 222 bench gun and a 22-250 varmint that love them.I had problems back in the 70s with some of there PISTOL bullet weights being way off so havent purchased any in years.I still have over 8000 52gr left so should be ok rest of my life.
SPEER is among my "goto" bullets, depending on what a particular gun prefers. Kilt deer from a pair of 44 mags - worked "textbook perfect". Shot them in steel chicken comp decades ago when I did that.

Nothing but good to say about 'em. And, they have one of the largest selections across the field from (what I load) 458 to pistols, shot capsules, varmint pills...Good stuff in my book!
Fray Fox , what is a 5.6x50 AI. ? what is a 50 case ?
TNTs are very accurate, very explosive and
probably the best buy in a varmint bullet.
I have shot lots of them in 22 and 6mm.

That 'bout says it! LOL!!!:D
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