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My FFL is an editor for a monthly gun mag and has reason to have a lot of guns in and out. Unfortunately, his vehicle was burgled and 5 handguns were stolen along with his camera, laptop, a pocket trumpet and all the other stuff that makes this sort of crime a HUGE pain in the butt. He will of course be responsible for the value of the guns and his homeowners insurance may not cover them.

I am posting a list here of just the handguns for anyone in the Houston area to keep an eye out when they are in pawnshops, at the gunshow, etc. This happened in the Champions area on the Northwest side of town.

Smith & Wesson Model 331 .32H&R Mag CDK1493
Glock model 17L (with case) 9mm BZG 734
Glock model 34 (with case) 9mm HHP 855
Kimber Gold Match Ten II .45 ACP KPS 12150
Colt Defender . 45 ACP DR 21469

I can supply S/N for the camera and laptop if you are interested. If anyone in the Houston area happens to see any of this stuff, please email me or call me on my cellphone and I will notify Ben.

Many thanks
Mark Potter
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