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Sunday Morning 5/21/23

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48° here in Upstate NY this morning under overcast skies, the high temperature for today will be up to about 70°. It will be turning off sunny with a 8 to 13mph wind. There is no rain forecast for today.

I got "Up Home" yesterday morning and fished for a few hours, I caught and released four bass, three about 9 or inchers and one nice 16". Today we will go to church this morning and then take life easy. Prayers for all that need them.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Can't say for sure what the low was last night, but it was cool this morning. Mid 60s now with clear blue skies and green grass wet with a heavy dew. Today is the second Mother's Day, the one where I give the gift I promised which happens to be rebuilding my Bride's raised flower.herb, veggie bed. I started with the timbers last week and now I've spent an hour or more digging the old fill and will place a liner and refill shortly. Later I may get a chance to fill some 221 Furball cases to round out the ammo supply for next weekend. Might even get a few 222 rem Mag done. Most of my ammo is stuff leaft over from previous trips, but I usually add a few for giggles. The plan is to gather, pack and sack through Wednesday morning and travel to Paris TN for an overnight before heading west on Thursday morning. Much to do and not nearly enough time, yet here I am tapping on this keyboard. o_O

G'day Y'all,
FJB etc!!!
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I don't know, Scott. Debra has been exposed to Judy Brown a lot lately, which undoubtedly will stoke the fires of whatever wild streak DD already has. Can you see those two in a Florida beach town with that top down? Look out! Ha!

Hmmm "exposed" and top down, I think it best if I don't comment more....

Doug, I couldn't picture a drive-in in Murdo, so I fired up Google Earth. I've been to Murdo numerous times, but it always startles me just a little how that place is like a step back in time at least 40-50 years. For example, this drive-in is just called Drive-In. Is this the one that has great burgers?

I could well be wrong, but I'm thinking the $4 corn was across the street at the truck stop. This place is generally the place for breakfast on arrival Friday.
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I know breakfast is important to you, Doug, so I'm sure you're aware of the place shown below. Good breakfasts, but be careful eating there later in the day. I'm pretty sure this is the restaurant where VolDoc ordered a side order of whole kernel corn with his meal. When he got the bill, that corn cost him something like $4. We teased him about that for years.
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Y'all have a good'n, be safe, and lift up prayers for our friends here. Special prayers for the Robertses and the Kruskes as they're gonna be spending a lot of hours on the highways in the next couple of weeks.

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