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Sunday Morning 5/21/23

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48° here in Upstate NY this morning under overcast skies, the high temperature for today will be up to about 70°. It will be turning off sunny with a 8 to 13mph wind. There is no rain forecast for today.

I got "Up Home" yesterday morning and fished for a few hours, I caught and released four bass, three about 9 or inchers and one nice 16". Today we will go to church this morning and then take life easy. Prayers for all that need them.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good afternoon everyone.....nice and warm right up this morning and made coffee and bacon and eggs. After that I went and got the tiller out and went over the garden again....still a little damp from the rain but it worked. I'll probably go over it again later. A Walmart trip got a few supplies for the SD adventure. Needed some propane for the camp stove and sunscreen and a bunch of other goodies to make life camping a little better.
Groceries will be picked up this week before we roll out. Not sure what will be on the menu but we won't starve...I could miss a meal or two these days.

Hope everyone has had a good day!
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