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Sunday Morning 5/21/23

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48° here in Upstate NY this morning under overcast skies, the high temperature for today will be up to about 70°. It will be turning off sunny with a 8 to 13mph wind. There is no rain forecast for today.

I got "Up Home" yesterday morning and fished for a few hours, I caught and released four bass, three about 9 or inchers and one nice 16". Today we will go to church this morning and then take life easy. Prayers for all that need them.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Morning Everyone!

Its 61º and cloudy here headed for the mid 70's with a lite NE wind. The weeks forecast looks nice, weather wise. Mornings in the 60's warming up into the 80's in the afternoon and Sunny.

We spent most of yesterday at the ballpark watching the Grandsons play ball. We listened to the Razorbacks loose again to Vanderbilt in a close game. Arkansas gave up a couple of runs due to "balks", which is a dumb way to loose a game but...............

No plans for today. The Grandsons play ball and we may or may not go. If not we'll have a lazy day at home.

Prayers offered for those in need and for our Country.

Y'all have a good one.
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