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Sunday Morning

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63° here in Upstate NY this morning, it is clear and calm right now but we have a 80% chance of rain for today. The high is to get up to about74° today.

We had some rain yesterday and I didn't do to much all day, just took life easy pretty much.

Go to church this morning and then loaf the rest of the day is on the agenda.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Morning from Waseca, 62 and overcast, about 77 later. Going to church this morning, then a small group cookout in the afternoon.
Like George not much got done yesterday, just too tired. We did make a trip to Lowe's for shelf building supplies only to find they don't stock anything I needed or what they had was way overpriced.
Menards in Mankato has better prices and selection though it ads 20 miles to the round trip.
Hope everyone has a great day of rest, after all this is our created rest day.
morning all. 44 here and will be in the mid 80s again today and most of next week.
Kept busy on different things yesterday, sprinklers and then got the old hay swather ready and in the field. One of the others AC quit working, has a hole in the high pressure line. Ordered parts. A person just can't run one with the AC, just too hot in the cab! :eek:
Off to check around the farm, then to town for church and wally world. Have one sprinkler to work on this afternoon. But may get a nap in first. :)
Have a blessed Lords' day. Give Him praise and thanks for all we have.
Good Sunday Morning

68 here in NC Ohio with sunshine on the way. Now that the rain we should have had in April is done now we will leap ahead to July hot muggy weather again. Oh well I'm just thankful that all of mine are safe and sound. Give Praise for all we have today. Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Sunday morning folks. It is 66° here with sunshine and some clouds. Chance of rain, maybe. We had rain yesterday morning a bit, then just cloudy skoes the rest of the day for the gun raffle. It did rain right at the very end. Just made things wet and shooed people out faster. It soon quit and we were able to box up the guns without them getting wet. Record crowd for our gun club. Good for them. I managed to gamble away 50 bucks, but I won 100, and gambled away another 50 bucks to break even. Hey, that's pretty goog for me.

Miss Sue and I stopped at the new Gander Outdoors on the way home to check it out. Meh...didn't really impress me, but they did have lots of boating supplies though. I may need something sometime.

Speaking of boats...I guess if it doesn't rain I might get the compounding amd waxing done today. At least that's the plan. First I need coffee and something to eat.

Have a good one.

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Great morning everyone,

Scatter rain around with 65° here near Halfway USA.

Oil got disposed of properly & no spillage. When I got the ******* Limo back home I started in on replacing the ABS sensor. With just the average amateur tools I have, I was able to remove the hub extension after some shade tree engineering. It was all to no avail though. The ABS sensor was broken off inside the unitized hub assembly. :( I know when it happened exactly. Back in February we'd driven through a lot of slush & water in Ohio on the way to the damncow farm. The truck sat still at the farm all weekend & when we left it was below freezing. I believe ice had formed around the sensor and attached itself to the inner hub. When we backed out, it snapped off.

Oh well, time to write a check to the mechanic and have it done right. At least all the components will come apart easily for him.

The Hoe House is all stained & sealed. Debra Dearest is pleased with the results.

Time to get at cleaning and organizing the garage. Seems to have become a collecting area for crap we no longer need. It's headed to someone else garage or out to the road on trash day.
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Mornin boys...
69 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Think I heard rain earlier this morning. Got some
yesterday evening. You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning, GoGo. It's 71 in Louisville, going to 87. We've had three glorious days of overcast, rain, and much cooler temps. Sure enjoyed it. But the heat returns by next weekend, with several days in the mid-90s.

The Hoe House is all stained & sealed. Debra Dearest is pleased with the results.
Scott, when I saw you use that term Hoe House, I have to admit the gardening utensil wasn't the first thing that popped into my mind. Something tells me Miss Debra may have an outfit pretty much like this one. If she doesn't, she should. She could leave it hanging in the Hoe House. Just sayin'. ;)

Now that I think about it, back when JR was riding west with Doc and Birddog, didn't they stop one time at a place called the Hoe House? :D

Gotta go get dressed for church. Not much else planned, although if I'm lucky I might get to hoe the garden late this afternoon. ;)

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Something tells me Miss Debra may have an outfit pretty much like this one. If she doesn't, she should. She could leave it hanging in the Hoe House. Just sayin'. ;)

Mmmmmm, sexy plaid. :D

Good morning ya' varmints. It's 72 in Indy heading for 83. A cool down, sorta'. Got Sunday off to the usual start. Breakfast and a stop by Rural King. Talked calibers a bit with the guy at the gun counter. I mentioned we had shot a lot of .204 in SD. He said they carry it but he doesn't recall ever selling any. Hmmmm. Picked up a jar of peach jalapeno jam just because. I'll dump some over cream cheese and see how it works on a Triscuit or a Ritz cracker. Ever the curious guy, I am. Tumbling the last of the SD brass which means there's a crap ton of sizing and trimming in my future.

Anybody remember River Valley Ordinance? Sent them over 2K pieces of .223 brass years ago. Those have been shot more than they should have been for sure. Some maybe into double digits. They sealed the primers with red lacquer so I'm tossing everything that is showing red around the primer pockets. Just gave my BIL a Skruske-bucket of .223 brass and told him he should check for red. I still have plenty. Some new, some high-mileage. Thinking about annealing but I've never done it. I'll look for info on that internet thingy.

Y'all have a good day.
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low 70's this morning in the hollow. Yesterday was a busy one as I got up @ 5:00 and drove a bit more than an hour south to help put on the UBR match at Strategic Edge. I didn't shoot due to a commitment to attend a wedding in the late afternoon and felt the match would run a little too long. I was right and left early to drive back north, then after a shower and change of clothes drove back south again the my granddaughter's wedding. It was quite an affair with about 125 folks. I was sure glad I wasn't footing the bill which we estimated at more than $20,000. But the party was good including the food and adult beverages. Since I don't get on well with her father I genuinely enjoyed the occasion on his dime. Didn't get home until after 11:00 and was slow getting up this morning, but the dogs thought 6:00 was enough. Not sure what today will bring, but I'm sure something will get done, worthwhile or not.

G'day Y'all,
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Well it's afternoon now.....spent the morning at the nursing home with my grandmother for a bit...worked from about 8 until 6:30 yesterday at the shop then messed in the garage door a while when I got home. I tumbled some brass and after one load I put in another and went I went in to do something else......little while later I went to shut tumbler off and it wasn't running. One of the wires broke where I bypassed the switch years ago and used heatshrink connectors...might be time for a new tumbler.

Got some steaks laying out for later and some beer in the fridge that might get drank as well.

Hope everyone has a good day!
Doug, I have looked into annealing but with a twist. I have seen mechanical setups that are home made with a motor from a microwave turntable. Most interesting is the salt annealing. The use a Lee lead pot and some accessories. If you mold your own bullets you can use a lead pot.
r you stand them up in a lasagna pan with water jut below the neck and hit them with a propane touch and knock them over.
TDC, that method of annealing in a Lasanga pan sounds more like “trying to anneal” than annealing. How do you keep then from tipping over like dominos?
How many do you put in a nomal lasanga pan?
Doug, I learned to use the torch to tip them over, not my fingers!.
I don't put them in very dense so they don't hit each other.
One buddy uses his fingers. he holds them by the base and when he feels the heat is starting to get uncomfortable he drops them into a bucket of water.
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