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Sunday Morning

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65° here in Upstate NY, the high today will be up to about 84° with a chance of rain this afternoon and evening. We got some rain late yesterday which we could use.

Yesterday was a bad day for me, I wasn't even on here yesterday morning and the rest of the day was just go, go, go. I normally go fishing on Saturday but I didn't get to that even. Today it is church this morning and hopefully a peaceful quiet rest of the day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Great morning folks,

Thin fog under a clear sky with 67° to begin the day here near Halfway USA. Humidity is a bit high but it's July and pretty normal around here.

Loading up has begun. So far, lots of ammo is on board. Seems plenty of distractions distracted me yesterday. I expect more of the same today.
Good morning, GoGo. It's a hot 77 degrees this morning, going to 86 with a good chance of thunderstorms this morning and then firing up again tonight. Yesterday hit 97 with a Heat Index of 107. Brutal.

Had a visit yesterday afternoon from a college buddy and his wife who live about 45 minutes south of Louisville. I promised to bring them some "interesting rocks" from this year's PD Safari to South Dakota. I made good with a whole pile of petrified wood.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Good Morning

72 here in NC Ohio headed to another hot , muggy day but nothing to complain about. Late as I've slept for as long as I remember since retiring !!! Well last night went to Bobs house and sighted in the Savage HMR17 only had one box of ammo, now to try different brabds and the ground hogs may pack and go! Time to run, Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good morning folks. It's already 70° here with clouds and humodity. Suppoeed to be mid 90's today. Yuck. I think I'll try to get my outside work done this morning, then do nothing this afternoon. Need to do a little gel coat work on the boat, mount a shade sail, and service the bearings. Leave for Hatteras in 2 weeks. Got a pm yesterday...might have a fishing parnter coming.:)

Yesterday, Miss Sue put a coat of sealer on the deck. Turned out ok, but our wood is old and tired. I can imagine we'll be doing a full replacement at some point, and that ain't going to be cheap for a 12x50 deck. :eek: Work was slow at the store. Went to the fire hall for all you can eat seafood amd ate way too much. Talk about food coma.

Well, I need to grab my coffee and get busy. Have a good one.

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Mornin boys...
72 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Didn't do much yesterday but hit the pawn shop
and little gun store. Stopped at wolly world and we
got us another reel. Thought about going fishing but
with the heat we stayed in.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Mid 70's right now with thunder boomers all around. Supposed to reach the mid 80's this afternoon. Looks like a fair amount of clouds & rain for the next three days. Spent yesterday morning laying out the firing line and squaring things up on the new range. Couldn't do as much as we would have liked since there are huge piles of trees waiting to be burned. But, all things considered, it's moving along. Depending on several factors we could have it ready to build the range shed in 2-3 weeks. It does look like we will have 400 yard capabilities, although I don't think any matches will be more than 300 and only a few of those. I think I will be cooking and packing for the PD Safari today. I only have three days available for everything to get done, which includes business, packing and grass, as well as a load of mulch for my wife.

G'day Y'all
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Good morning all. It's mid 70s in Indy heading for mid 80s with a middlin' chance of rain around midday. Looks like rain already. Julie's taking her 90 yr old friend to the grocery this morning so I am unsupervised for a while. Granddaughter had a softball game at 8:00 this morning but ESPN hasn't reported the results yet. I might be hitting the road for some serious spectating of 8 & under softball. When I was that age, they would have never had a game before noon on Sunday.

Y'all have a good day.
morning all. was 55 to start the day, mid 80s later with a chance of moisture somewhere around the valley this evening.
Been around the farm, started a couple sprinklers that were off, ready for the late service at church, usually make the first one but too much to do this morning.
Not sure what this afternoon will bring.
Have a blessed Lords' day, remember the prayer requests.
Charlie, I am looking at the same issue with my deck. But it is smaller. I built using #2
2 x 6 treated 25 years ago. I am thinking of just flipping the boards to the side that has been staring at the dirt forever. It is elevated about 4 feet or so and they had the advantage of air circulation to keep them intact.

One of the problems is disposing of treated wood around here. Can't burn it and it is treated as construction waste and you pay a higher tipping fee. The municipal contract hauler wont handle it so you need to hire a private hauler.
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