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Sunday Morning

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64° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature is to be up to about 88°. It was a hot and dry day yesterday, but in the morning when I got it was finishing up raining. I had to go to the gun club in the afternoon to fix something and the ground was still soggy in places.

Today will be church this morning and then I have to get the yard mowed this afternoon.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning from Lebanon Missouri, 72 now headed to 94 today. The Gospel Music Festival is over, a great performance by the Collingworth family closed it out.
We are in a group with 3 other couples who have a lot of shared interests. It has been a great time. We are going to church this morning then kick back the rest of the day.
Tomorrow we head out to Branson for a show there before we go home.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Good Sunday Morning

Good Sunday morning to all. Another hot muggy day starting at 69 here in NC Ohio. It was to hot to even sit on the mower, probably to hot today but that is the great thing about retirement is there is another Saturday tomorrow. Give Praise for the day and Prayers for safe travels to all on the roads. Mike
morning all. 48 and on the way to 86 for a high. Slight chance of showers today.
Worked on sprinklers most of the day yesterday, Gwyn came along and helped, was nice to spend some time together, even if it was at work.
Finally got the roll over sprinkler back running, sprinkler guy came and got some wiring done and it all seems ok.
Even took a few minutes and whacked a few p-dogs while I was working on one sprinkler. Felt good to pull the trigger a few times.:)
Better get something to eat and go do chores and check around the farm. I've been seeing more bull elk every day, think they are coming down from where the big fire was earlier.
Off to town for church and wally world after chores are done.
Have a blessed Lords' day, remember the prayer requests, give God praise and thanks for all we have.
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Good morning, GoGo. It's 72 in Louisville, going to 92, with a heat index even higher because of the humidity.

I made it back to Knob Creek Range early yesterday before it got hot and the yahoos woke up. I only had about 20 rounds loaded, and they grouped at least as well as I'd hoped. Got more work to do, but it's coming around.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Mornin boys...
69 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Had a bondfire last nite, hotdogs and smores.
A girl and her boy came out, she had the same surgrey
that Amanda had. Sis was able to help her get through it and
she needed it. She is doing real good.
I'm moving slow this morning, nothing with getting old...
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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70º and clear at 6:00 in the hollow, going to low 90's later today. Yesterday was spent in UBR competition at Two Brothers Rifle Range. We had twenty rifles and, I think, eleven shooters. It was a good fit for a less than hectic day shooting, scoring and running targets. Today is paperwork, grass cutting and cleaning rifles, along with other odd and assorted duties. One day maybe I'll put my feet up, watch TV and drink beer all day, but it won't be this day.

G'day Y'all,
Tried to tell Shane that folks would like up to get that Cummins and tranny for that kinda $$ but it is hung in "draft" land, ne'er to be retrieved it seems.
Warm and a bit muggy. Have a good strong cuppa from the nurses' station and ping ponged my way through a couple of non wheel chair doors and am sitting outside. A pleasant morning made all that much better with a decent 5 hrs of sleep. My grumpy quoitient was beginning to escalate.
Catching naps bc of lack of sleep cuts into energy level for the prescribed exercises. That is counter productive.
It's interesting how the world can shrink when you're stove up. It really narrows the field of vision and puts a different set of balls in the air.
Bottom line? I have no problems and am very grateful for answered prayer.....a good night's sleep. T
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Good afternoon from back home in PA. Left steamy Hatteras at 82° at 6am and pulled into home at 2PM with a sweltering high of 92°. Traffic was a little bad on I95 then ran into a stoppage an hour south of here but got around it on a back road. Still made great time. Glad to be done that drive with no issues, but I wish I had another week in Hatteras.

Fishing yesterday was very poor. We ran out 17-18 miles and fished a bit with no takers. Heard on the radio of some fish further out. Ended up about 30 miles into the blue. Found a weed bed that held a few tiny dolphin fish and caught some. Then trolled up three more but lost one at the boat. Trolled the rest of the day without a bite. Sacked, packed and swatted skeeters last evening. Gosh they were bad! I'm ate up. I'll be scratchin' for a week.

Unpacked all I'm doing for today and ready for a nap. I took off tomorrow. Will wash up the boat and put things away. Have a good one!

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