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Sunday Morning

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28° here in Upstate NY this morning with the high temperature to get up to be about 37°.

Yesterday was a cold blustery day but I don't think the wind was as bad as they said it would be. We went to I hop's for breakfast and did some window shopping that the wife wanted to do. Today will be church this morning and then take life easy the rest of today on Veterans Day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning, 46 and cloudy, supposed to rain all day. High about 55. I spent yesterday working on the RV roof, still more to do. I ran out of time and patching material.
I don't know what the plan is today. Maybe church if the kids are up for it. They flew in from Baltimore late last night. Maybe drive up to Plano to visit more in laws.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Great morning folks,

Trying to snow a bit but with 30° now and 38° with sunshine later, it last here near Halfway USA.

Sanding is mostly done. I did the touch up last evening. Final sand today. Probably going to slap some primer/sealer on the walls & ceiling. Shopping also as the local Menard's needs Debra Dearest's money. Fortunately she's pretty good at picking stuff up when a sale price hits.

Time to start getting ready for deer camp in dat far western U.P. eh.
Well, first day of sight in at the club was interesting. 13+ inches of snow and 40 MPH winds. It is hard to dial them in when you can't see the 50 and 100 yard targets. We still had 4 show up. Over three weekends we have had as many as 600+ rifles sighted in for the general public.
My turn to cook for the crew so I better get busy.
Everyone be safe today.
A big Thank You to the veterans out there.

24 here on the ridge this morning.Spent most of yesterday outside splitting, moving and stacking firewood. It was a pretty good workout and I’m feeling it this morning. It didn’t bother me a few years ago. Of course, I was younger and had two teenage boys helping back then. I took a look at the fish and wildlife website last night and saw that over 20,000 deer were checked in yesterday.

Loaded up the rest of my 30-06 brass with some cast bullets last night. I might head out and unload a few of them later today.

Looks like a good day to put a pot of soup on the stove. We’ve got company coming this afternoon.

Make it a good day.
Good Sunday morning

Thank a Vet today and everyday for what we have!! 21 this morning in NC Ohio with sun on the way. I have a young man coming out here to help ( mostly do ) move firewood inside for the stoves. Be safe and Prayers for those and country. And a special Prayer for all the Vets severing in foreign lands for us. Mike
morning all. Happy Veterans Day to all the vets young and old.
25 to start the day, wind chill 15 and less. May get to low 30s as we have a 70% chance of snow for today and tomorrow morning. Wind howled most of the night so that's probably what we'll get.
My elk got cut and wrapped yesterday, got started around 9:15 and was done, cut, wrapped and burger ground, and in the freezer by 2:30. We debone it all, wasn't much blood shot meat on this one :), like when that happens.
Off to church and then wally world this morning after chores get done. Not sure what will take place this afternoon. Need to get some reloading done, have to get a load worked up for the 6.5 creedmoor.
Better move along, have a blessed Lords' day, give thanks and praise to Him for all we have and are.
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Good morning all and a big thanks to all the Veterans out there today.

At the shop about 6:30 this morning working on another set of furnace parts. Got the sons cousin here chopping apart a stonebox again today....he made a pretty good dent in it yesterday.

Probably cut out early today as we have to go to a Gender reveal party for a buddies daughter...….at least theres gonna be a gunshot and a big explosion of tannerite! I told him his daughters boyfriend better make sure his rifle is sighted in he sure wouldn't want to miss......cause he didn't miss to cause the party to happen.

Hopefully I get a chance to go sight a rifle in for deer season coming up here real soon.....I don't shoot sticks at them. WE been getting some nice pics on trail cam of some nice ones if we can just be there at the right time!

Well back off to create more smoke......hope everyone has a good day!
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Good morning on a chilly veteran's day in the tree. 27 when I left the truck. Bundled up good but my toes are chilly in rubber boots. Made a bit of noise getting in and spooked some deer but still saw a half dozen so far. No bucks though, which is odd. I'm in my honey hole in MD and they should be cruising around this being area. Killed a bunch of bucks here this weekend, including some nice ones. Gonna stick it out another hour or so and call it a day. Have a gun raffle to go to this afternoon. Be a long day.

Have a good one.

Mornin boys...
Phone says 26 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Finally made it to the woods yesterday evening to call some.
Windy and in the 30's. Set up at the edge of a big field and was glassing it.
Hadn't even got the call out of my shirt pocket and 1 comes out of the woods
not 20 yards behind me. It was walking the edge of a brush pile and headed down hill away from me. Got the gun and couldn't get a shot. It came out in the field about 40 yards below me and headed away. I tried to lip squeak but with the wind blowing it couldn't hear me. Went out of sight and I get up and follow it. Never could get to where I could see nothing but the top of its back for the slope and weeds.
Followed it about 100 yards and then it was gone. First time out and let 1 get away.
I'll be
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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It was 24º at sunrise in the hollow. It's up to the mid 30's in the sun on my front porch, but the digs said it was still too cold for them so they are laying in the sun in the media room. Probably reach 50º later today. It would seem that winter has arrived in Middle TN no matter what the calendar says. I signed up three more new members yesterday at the new range. Concrete didn't get poured yet due to all the rain, but it will get done. Also, we added nearly another $1000 to the total from the estate sale. I may have mentioned that it should bring in enough to pay for the concrete and bench tops, so I plan to have a plaque made to honor the donor's memory and his contribution. Going for a drive a little later this morning with my wife and do some birding from the car. On cold mornings like this the birds are pretty active. Not sure what the rest of the day will bring.

G'day Y'all,
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