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Sunday Morning

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38° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today is to get up to about 43°. It is suppose to be a decent day today but then tomorrow it is to rain all day again. In fact next week it is to rain or snow maybe both most of the week.

Wasn't to bad a day yesterday, I ended up putting a new hard drive in a desktop computer and loading the OS and then I also reloaded the OS on a laptop. Today will be church this morning and the R&R for the rest of the day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Sunday morning

43 here in NC Ohio with more clouds, the sun rarely shines it seems in the winter. Be safe and give Praise for all we have. Mike
Morning all. lat day of sight in days for the public at the club. There were about 130 sighted in yesterday. We are short on shooters so it is hectic. Lots of problems with the new gun / scope combos. Bushness low end scopes are terrible. There were 2 that the adjustments dials were backward. None had any clarity to speak of and several would not hold zero for three shots. A large number of the "bore sighted" at the store could not have possibly been done. Loose mounts abound. Locally, the biggest miscreants seemed to be Field and Stream and Dunhams.

If nothing else, it will be entertaining.
Mornin boys...
45 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
No deer were harmed yesterday. We laid in and
rested but went in the evening. Saw a few and things
just didn't work out.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning all. It’s foggy, forty, and heading for the fifties. Got golf in a couple of hours if the fog lifts. I have enough trouble finding the ball without fog. The New Pal Dragons are 5A state champs after a tough game. As it should be! Might get a chance to hit the range later this week. Hope I remember which end of the scope to look through.

Have a good day
Good morning from a slightly warmed box blind on the shore. 42° here now with sunshine. We didn't see anything past 8:30 am yesterday. It rained from 1pm to 9pm and poured. No wonder deer were not moving. Buddy's boys killed bucks. Big 8 and small 6. The kid that killed the 6 was his first buck and my best lil buddy, even at 21 y.o. lol. We saw a spike pushing a doe and 5 other does and fawns so far this morning. Guy next to me passed a 7 pt but it went the other way and left our farm. Hunting until 10-11 and headed west for PA opener tomorrow. Might need to throw a ground blind up for mom. Gonna rain all day the way it looks. C'est la vie

Have a good one.

morning all. 5 to start with only mid 30s possible. Wind has died down some but the wind chill is around -3. Snow last evening about 6:30, had a nice blizzard going for about forty five minutes then the snow stopped but not the wind. Just a short skiff on the ground this morning.
Really only got chores done yesterday, but worked in our work shop some. Got the 204 ruger AR cleaned up and put away for now. Then the boss mans' grandson brought a couple of grandpas' guns for me to clean. Trying to teach this kid how to clean something is like teaching a fish to walk!
Staying home from church and town today, Gwyns' last day off for a while now, slept in so running late for chores. Will be heavy ice to chop and fork out of the stock tanks today.
Better get, have a blessed Lords' day and keep our country and those in need in prayer.
Good morning everyone. Loading up the car getting ready to head south to Wilmore Ky to take my daughter back to school after her break. That's gonna eat up most of the day.....might stop in sportsman's warehouse to see if I can find anything I really need.....or just really want.:D

You all have a good day and stay safe!
Morning gang! 45 here headed to 60 today, gloomy looking day. Going to rest up today, I have been up too much last few days and feel the side effects of it, right leg that doesn't have a joint in it now is killing me, got to lay low for a couple of days. Remember those in need of prayer, Buff out!
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