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Sunday Morning

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13° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today will be up around 25°. The wind is calm today and it suppose to give us a little sun today. The next two days will be about the same.

Quiet day yesterday, all I did was work some around here and take life easy. Today it will be church this morning and then laze the rest of the day I hope.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning, it's 46 now, high of 53. No rain in the forecast.

I did nothing yesterday, wife was not feeling all that great. Today is church then lunch with friends. Rest the remainder of the day.
The big downside of living in an RV is the lack of things to tinker with.

Hope everyone has a blessed Lord's day,
Good Sunday morning

25 here in NC Ohio with 5 in. of snow on the ground the bad thing is when I went out at 1AM the snow was drifting from a NE wind. Not much going on here , just keep wood on the fire. Be safe and Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 18 with 32 coming later for a high. Ground white this morning, just barely though. Snowed off and on most of yesterday, sounds like a repeat of Friday :rolleyes:
Just chores and more chores around here yesterday.
BUT... I did make it callin' yotes in the afternoon. BIL and I went out, only got in two sets but the first one brought in one ulgy, mangey coyote. And I even hit it. First coyote this year! Have shot a several but hadn't been able to hit any till yesterday. That's the only one we saw on a snowy day, but was nice to get out.
Off to do chores in the dark, then town, church and wally world.
Have a blessed Lords' day. Remember the prayer requests and our country.
Good morning all. Sloppy 28 here in Indy. Roads aren’t too bad even though it snowed more over night. Auto makers need to come up with a winter ignition lock for some folks. Like the Chevy with all the windows completely snow covered and the van doing 5 mph. Those folks need to stay home or call Uber.

The Colts took the day off in KC. They couldn’t play offense or defense but their attendance was good.

Hoping to not have to clear the driveway again but......

Have a good day.
Good early morning from the Damcow farm in Kentucky where the weather is Dark outside.
I think 32 degrees and cloudy all day; dreary winter weather and it is hard on folks who like warm and sunny places.
Yesterday we hauled the young heifer calf to the Stock market...Is that the Wall Street yall talking about all the time. This one is on Bodie Road I think. Judy Brown rode in the back of the Geo Metro with the little one. Dean, they aint worth much here, it brought $180 and I didn't even get an offer on Judy Brown....seems she is an old boney Weigh Cow. But that is better than letting the Coyotes eat the little heifer.
Speaking of Coyotes, I saw one yesterday on my farm....the neighbors Beagle Dogs had flushed it out of cover and it crossed my field at a fast clip headed for the cliffs.

I suppose Was Skruske worked last night as a Door Greeter at WalMart. Maybe he will check in later?
Off to wake up the Damcows and roll out some hay for them to stomp into the mud.

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Good morning, GoGo. It's 35 in Louisville, going to only 38. We have light rain right now and I think it'll continue most of the day. We got 3" of snow yesterday, followed by a little rain later. I bought a new shovel, but didn't use it at all.

"My" U of L Cardinals played North Carolina yesterday on the N.C. court. Beat 'em like a read-haired stepchild, winning by 21 points. HUGE road win.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe out there.
Mornin boys...
39 and rain here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Went to the match yesterday and had a good time.
Eat some chicken dumplings that were just about as
good as my mamaws...that's saying alot...
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Morning boys. It's 27° and white outside. About 3" of fluffy light snow on everything. Need to plow here in a bit. Had my backstrapsand eggs for breakfast with coffee and I'm stuffed. Good eating! Guess I'll throw some beef ribs a coworker gave me on the smoker today and put my hunting stuff away for the year. I'm ready to fish and ready for warmer weather.

Have a good one.

Good morning everyone.....headed south to Wilmore KY to take my daughter back to school. That will burn most of the day for sure. I got to remember to stop in sportsman's warehouse for some goodies!

Jr you could have buckled the dam calf in the passenger seat with ya.:D
Morning gang, 44 here and that is the high today. Our electricity went off for 2 hours twice last night, need to check my freezers out in the shop, make sure they didn't throw a breaker when they kicked back on. You all have a good day, Buff out!
46º and cloudy, pretty much the same here all day. But, at least there isn't any snow and for now, no rain either. Been a lazy morning. Slept in and then read at the bar over a pot of Drew's Brew. Now I'm punching keys and will probably force myself to do a sales tax report for December. I'm usually late with it and have to pay a small late charge, but I'm making an effort to break that habit.
When I get enough of paperwork I'll go into the next room and make some 22 PPC short brass. Did part of the job yesterday and got really tired of it. So, I'll try and do another 25 or so. I won't get the stock back for at least another two weeks so there is no rush. Stay warm and dry.

G'day Y'all,
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