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Sunday Morning

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31° here in Upstate NY this morning, winds are calm and the high temperature for today is to be up to about 41°. It will be nice for a change from earlier this week. Supposed to be a little warmer most of the next week.

Yesterday was a quiet day, I did some work on a "Family Day" we are planning for the gun club this summer. It will be a Special Event under the Brownell/NRA program. Today will be church this morning and then R&R the rest of the day.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good Sunday morning

A good Sunday morning to everyone!! 31 with fog here in NC Ohio. Nothing on the list for today except to see the Rams beat the Patriots - I hope!! I am thankful we live in a free country blessed by the good Lord. Prayers to those and country. Mike
Good Morning from Bartonville, 61 now and cloudy with a 50% chance of rain.

I fixed, sort of, a loose interior trim board in the RV. They really build these things on the cheap. Then worked a couple of hours helping the kids pick rocks so they can start landscaping. Two hours was all I could do as I got lightheaded and dizzy. Spent the evening in my chair waiting for the world to stop spinning.

Off to church this morning, lunch at Jason's Deli, a local chain that very good. Then take it easy.
Hoping that everyone has a blessed Lord's day,
Morning boys. It was 28° at the house but only 16° when I stepped out of the truck. Making a few stands quick this morning. Can't let Shane have all the fun. Miss Sue and I went to dinner last night then lowes and when we left, a coyote ran across in front of us behind Walmart. He had her in AMF gear. Got the itch now. Taking a page from JRs playbook today. Eased into an old out building on a farm where we heard them last year. Been sitting quietly for a bit waiting so I can see good. Wind is right. Hope they cooperate. If not I'll try somewhere else.

Big day ahead. Caulking the log house interior walls and smoking some chipped deer. Yum. Have a good one.


Ps. I apologize if the spelling is bad. Dont have my readers. Sucks getting old.
morning all. 18 this morning, been a while since we've been this warm, wind is going to blow!!! Was in the mid 40s yesterday but over the hill in the city it was mid 60s. Wow!
We had a long wait at the dealership getting out car serviced yesterday, seems everyone else had the same idea. But that's what we went to the city for so we waited. Also got a little shopping for items that can't be bought here in the valley. I got a couple boxes of bullets and some powder at Sportsmans warehouse. We got home for supper so wasn't up late.:)
Off to do chores in the dark then to town for church and wally world, hope to get in a nap this afternoon while the wind howls around 45mph!
Time to move along, have a blessed Lords' day. Give him praise and thanks for all we have.
Well, the morning hunt was a bust but it was an absolutely beautiful morning to be out. Nonhunters just wouldn't understand. Sure it was cold, but clear and no wind. Birds were rustling around, saw some deer but no foxes or coyotes. I did cut a track at one stand and a set of 2 at the other. Definitely coyote, too big for fox. So they're still there. Maybe next time?
Mornin boys...
Phone says 35 here high RUGER Mt this morning.
NWTF banquet last nith, didn't get home til about 12.
Glad it's over...missed a Sig 9mm by 1 #...just my luck.
Got to smell powder yesterday, shot a few pistols that we
hadn't shot in a long time...
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...
Prayers for Sam...

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Morning gang, done been up and at it,?had a good breakfast, PT came by and tortured me for half an hour, Just got finished with a sponge bath an have to sit in a chair for 2 hours. Am awful sore today but that is expected, had a lot of muscle spams all night in the leg they operated on, all my lab work is looking good so far!
Sam, those Pain and Torture folks, well, just have to endure their never ending smiles while you grimace.
Ran some early errands y'day afternoon then made good on an invite to watch some college b-ball w deluxe snacks.
I brought brass, primers, shell holders but only one primer picker. So only 223 & 222 got the treatment.

Primed 50-100 of each case with different flavors for the testing. Some will be 20 Prac, some VT, some Duster and some plain ol' 223 and 223AI. Had to make the b-ball time worth while.

I can enjoy watching football a lot more which will happen tonight, as much for the commercials as anything. We have a lawyer in Louisville, The Hammer, who has had several bowl spots and they've been pretty good.

PC rant: I didn't see the first thing wrong w Larry? getting frie!d in a Bud commercial some 35+ yrs guys remember the magnolia swamp setting....Bud...
Wi ....... Zer frogs?
Yeah, that was kinda ruff on ol' Larry but he probably deserved it.
Sounds like Democratic thinking, eh? 🙂
Almost 40 and looking for 55°+ so will wash the truck, drain the hose - again - and dig up a shallow valve to the shop. Then maybe brass puttering then the commercials interspersed with the game. Enjoy this warming trend - the fat lady hasn't finished her Winter Aria yet! 😕
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The weather app said it was 39º at 6:00 this morning, but now we are into the low 60's with full sunshine. It is a wonderful day. John K and I made it home from the quail shoot in KY yesterday about 5:00. We didn't spend as long as usual in the field and harvested fewer than normal. John didn't feel his best and the pen raised quail wanted to run on the ground to the woods rather than fly in the warm air. Nevertheless, we had a fine visit with no complaints. Our friend Chester is a gracious host and is was a pleasant way to spend an evening and a day. Nothing huge to do today, just some honey-do's and some keys to punch. I may take some time for some brass work, but that's not for sure. I definitely won't be watching any football. I believe they have lost me forever.

G'day Y'all,
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