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Sunday Morning

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42° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature today is going up to about 67°, Tis to be a decent day and then we will have showers tonight and tomorrow.

Yesterday was a nice day and I was busy but I got some things done that I had needed to do. Today we aren't going to church as the wife hasn't been feeling good so I am off to the gun club this morning to do some shooting

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.
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Good morning from Bartonville Texas, 61 and cloudy, high of 75. We had a great rain yesterday, about 4 hours good rain.
I spent the day working on the family album pictures, again.
Church this morning then probably more pictures.
Hope everyone has a blessed day,
Great morning folks,

Overcast, very light breeze and 46° for now, 65° later here near Halfway USA. Chance of rain later this afternoon.

Lots of stuff got done yesterday out side as it was mostly quite nice out. I got the motor actuator for the heater in the ******* Limo...wrong part. Meanwhile, the in/out bumping of the old actuator made it start working. :rolleyes: It's a known problem.

I fixed a small electric squirrel cage blower I bought on ebay last fall. Seller didn't want it back after refunding my $$. I took it apart & lubed the shaft bearings & tried it - no spin. I figured there was nothing to lose so I chucked the shaft in a cordless drill & spun it up in both direction for a couple minutes. That freed up the bearings & the blower runs good now. I'm thinking I will use it to make a forge out of an old cast iron skillet.

For those waiting on the edge of their seats for the news, yes the big rock landed exactly where Debra Dearest wanted it. After I moved a couple other not quite as big rocks. :eek:

Brass trimming & sorting today is on the list. I think we are headed to bother in laws for burgers later - ya, that aint a typo.
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Good morning. It’s 53 in Indy heading for 70 with rain just around the corner. Can’t tell yet if the golf is gonna’ be rained on or rained out. I am water proof but I am not a lightning rod.

Nothing else of consequence going on today. Have a good’n.
Good Sunday morning

48 this wonderful Sunday morning in NC Ohio, going to 70!!! I survived the NWTF banquet last night, but the lady I was with didn't, after dinner she became sick so we left early. But we are all blessed to enjoy this spring, heard from several last night how much they are looking for spring this year. Give Praise and Prayers to those and country. Mike
morning all. 34 here and should get to the low 60s later... maybe.
Worked on the big packer all day yesterday after chores and cow checking was done. And I got if finished, so now on to the next project tomorrow. Hope to take it easy today.
Off to church after chores and cows. Gwyn went to wally world yesterday so probably don't need to go there till next week. Hope to get in some shooting today if the wind doesn't rip.
Have a blessed Lords' day, give Him thanks and praise for all we have. And remember the prayer requests too.
Good morning folks. It's 48° here with clouds. Slept in a little, but only because I woke up around midnight with a coughing spell. Drainage. Ugh. That time of year, I suppose? Got the radar on the boat and hooked up and it even works! A few minor issues I got past. Worst was fishing the plug thru the hole I jammed it into a gob of sealant. No, I didn't t have the plug taped off before I did it.:rolleyes: I did after I spent a half hour getting sealant out of the little tiny holes! I'll post up some pics later. I need to install a new running light yet. The new radar is higher than the light I have. Amazon tells me it'll be here Tues.

Not sure what I'm going to do today. There are lots of choices. Trim fruit trees, open the fish pond, spread crabgrass preventer on the yard, spray/pull weeds, mow the back yard, pick up sticks, wash the boat. It keeps going. I know there will be a nap in the afternoon.:)

Better get busy. Need to finish my coffee and get breakfast. Have a good one gang!


One for JR

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Morning Gents! Its 62º here and raining headed for the low 70's. It stormed most of the night and looks to be with us until tomorrow afternoon. My Cat doesn't like the thunder or the hard rain on the roof and is hiding someplace!

The contractors came yesterday and installed the new counter tops and they look nice. The Wife is happy! The replacement for the cabinet that arrived damaged should be here Monday so this project is winding down.

Not much happening today. I have to fish 1 new wire into the kitchen that I have been putting off and need to put a cord on the new dishwasher. Then I will probably chill the rest of the day.

You'all have a good one.
Morning guys. 53 and rainy here right now, should get to the mid sixties and clearing off. Wife and I cut & hauled brush all day yesterday and we're both moving slow today. I did get a few posts put up for some electric fence to keep the deer away from the house, maybe get the wire one day this week. Today we'll work on more tax stuff and start more seeds for the garden, got to get the cabbage seeds going for sure. Hope everyone has an easy going Sunday.
Mornin Boys...
Phone says its 55 here high on RUGER Mt this morning.
Don't know if I have got allergies, never had'em before , but
ever since its warmed up I've had a stopped up head. Comes with
headaches too. The youth hunt went over good yesterday. Had 2 good birds
killed. The boy me and Elijah killed a tom. It was a good thing where he got to
see about all you run into calling them in the spring. Long story but in the end
the Tom come right in and he made a good shot.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

Good morning from the sticks of Kentucky where is is 60° and we received a bit of rain last night. Not much but the grass will like it.

Middle son Justin is off to
Bristol for the NASCAR RACE with a friend, hope it doesnt rain there. He has to be back on post at 8am tomar for an important meeting. Lot of driving.

Yesterday Judy Brown and i did some barn repair to the 110 yr old barn by my house. Replacing some boards the Damcows had broken off. Lot of ladder work and every hole had to be drilled first because of the brittle Old wood. The planks i used for repair had been cut 50 years ago. Fortunately i had some help, but she was wearing Shoes this time.

Greyfox will check in and tell us about the opening day shoot at the range i hope. It looks great.
I just wonder how many those hummingbirds it took to feed the big crowd.
Off to feed the cows and cats. Trying to make church time.
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Morning gang, 65 here and rising in KY! Got some fencing done and cleaning up around the barn done, burnt a pile of feedbags, brush and other trash. Don't take much to wear me out these days. Church in a few, remember those in need of prayers, Buff out!
Charlie, is that a Space Shuttle or a Damboat?
You the man, a real Fishman.

If that's a fish finder I think it may send you over near Jonesville, VA.
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