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Good early morning from the sticks of Italy, a small town in Northern italy. Actually made a successful trip to and from Venice Italy. Kinda. We got on the wrong train once and the conductor threw us off in the bushes with the hobos...Actually he put us off at the next station so we could connect with the correct one.
Italian rail service is very difficult to navigate, especially if you no speak Italian. And they don't give a DAMN if you make your destination or not.
Venice was very beautiful, and is crowded only in the main dag..A lot of cruise ships flush their passengers out there.

Today's journey if we make it??? Is to Rome n another train. Imaginputting your 4 and 5 year old grandkids on a train alone....that's how this will be. Not very good odds we will make it is there? But we will be somewhere. I hope we make it and don't keep the Old Buddy Pope waiting.very long for us since he is an old friend and fishing buddy of KY fisherman and Charlie Sterner...he is expecting us.

I can't wait to hear how the mule deer in Wyoming hunt turned out, Skruske shot 4 or 5 is my guess and is in jail with a 100 G bond.
LDS, it do cost. Much to travel if you stay at your kids house and all your friends house at the Vatican city.. It's Sunday, and I hope he doesn't ask me out on the balcony to say a few words.. That leaves more money for Gelato. A type of fake ice cream that is great.
Also iwI'd like to know how the Trump rally in Richmond Kentucky turned out, I had some folks there.

Off soon to the train station, which looks like the Lexington Greyhound Bus station of the 1960s. With the same slimeballs hanging around HERE, we may not be able to get a ticket, which would be a relief to me actually.

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37° here in Upstate NY this morning, the high temperature for today is to be up around 55°.

Yesterday was rainy and blustery day, I didn't have to go anywhere and I didn't really do to much at all. Today I hope I can get the yard mowed as it is full of leaves.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone.

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Sunday morning

47 degrees and calling for rain with a high of 57 today.
I was surprised to see 3 posts already at 4:30 this morning. The old green board doesn’t seem to be as stagnant nowadays.

Back to work this morning so a trip to the range is out of the question. It is my wife’s birthday so the kids will be here later today. The fireplace has been doing its job the last few days. It’s hard to believe it was nearly 90 degrees only a week ago.

My guess is that Skruske is relaxing with a hot cup of coffee this morning after a long day of hunting yesterday followed by a big dinner featuring Muley back straps.

I’m afraid to even speculate on what kind of mischief KyFisherman is into in East Tennessee.

Looks like JR has given up on European mass transit. I was able to find a picture of Him and Miss Judy zipping through the streets of Rome.

Y’all have fun wherever you are and whatever you do.


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Good Sunday Morning

41 here in NC Ohio feeling like fall. Like others I need to do some lawn reducing if it dries some. JR if you could start watching some of the Italian cooking shows on PBS you might pick up some of the lingo, but be careful you might end up with more than pasta in your face !!!lol. Be safe and give Praise for all we enjoy, Prayers to those and country. Mike

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Good Morning, 36 and raining in Waseca, high is 37. Might snow tonight. Not supposed to rain for the rest of the week, so they are forecasting.
Been busy writing, helping an elderly lady friend pack for a big move to Arizona and trying to make sense of the mess of reloading stuff in the basement. Daughter and family showed up unannounced to me, wife knew it, Tuesday for my birthday. That was good. It was the first day of my 7th decade. Uf Daa as they say here.
Hope everyone has a blesses and peaceful Lord's day,

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Good morning all. It’s 44 with light rain in Indy. Might get up to the mid fiddies. I seem to be on the mend from this cold/ flu/crud that kept me down yesterday. Never even looked out the window let alone go out. I’m venturing out to the regular Sunday breakfast stand this morning.

JR’s train woes make me think that’s where all us city folk are headed with the mass transit crap. Makes me wanta put a for sale sign in the yard and head for the hills.

Oh well. So far, so good. Have a great day.

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Good morning fellers and fellettes. It's 44° here with clouds. Maybe some rain on the way? Hope not...I need to mow today. Early MZ in MD starts Thurs and I have a 3 day work week. Need to mow today or it won't get done until next Sunday. But first, I need to take my friend from South Dakota to the airport near DC. I'll be sure to take the long way around the city and not into it. Hope to get there and back in time to get some chores taken care of.

Had a long ass day yesterday. Work at the shop the a gun raffle an hour away. I got home at 11 pm and I was so tired I barely remember turning off the TV. I wanted to hunt this morning, but decided I needed my beauty sleep instead.:rolleyes:

Need to finish my coffee and grab a shower. Have a good one.


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Caught a break this morning so far. The 4 yo is still asleep. He has never slept in till today. Nothing out of the ordinary for exertion Sat but no nap.
The girls, Grams and Gdaughter went to town and us guys took a loader bucket of Birch branches. Some bug girdles them at the root, wind blows and down they come. These are forefinger dia.
Dinah said the experts said to burn them to kill the larva. We did.
Then back to the house to carve punkins. A good time had by all.
Of course we worked on the moles' mass transit system. I'm not quite sure how much we will slow them down. They are quite numerous and busy.
Had a breakfast casserole and now a shower - All y'Alls enjoy the day.

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morning all. 35 and breezy, we supposed to get snow today but the stars are shining all around, we'll see what happens later, bet the wind blows! Again!
Checked antifreeze on several pickups, one loader and three diesel engines on wells yesterday. Will take a full day to get the rest done, even if they all test good.
Worked on a couple guns yesterday afternoon, seems I just keep getting more projects. Started with the three blackpowder rifles to clean up, that I haven't finished yet. Now have a 22rf that the scope won't hold on anymore, and a little double barrel 410 that needs the blueing touched up. All in my "spare" time.
Off to town for church and wally world this morning then who knows what will take place.
Give God praise and thanks for everything we have and do. Prayers for the storm victims. And others.

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Warning: put your winter coat on if you intend to continue to read this post

Great morning folks,

We have 18° with just a little breeze out here in the southwest Wyoming desert. High today of 27°. You were warned.

The deer killin' over near Baggs was successful & no game wardens were deployed. We turned off the main road onto Cow Butte rd just as morning twilight was visible over the eastern hills. This was a new hunting area for us and we had almost no scouting reports to go on. As would be expected, we missed a turn in the early morning dim light & headed off...someplace.

As more light cast over the rolling desert we began seeing a lot of Antelope. Stopped counting after 100 or so. Not our game for the day any way.

The "road" we were on took us up hill & was getting a bit better for travel. We neared a hillside with some cover brush and started glassing from the truck blind. Doug spotted a little buck by itself but saw a couple guys stalking toward it so we watched the show. Turns out there was a road above the buck and as the hunters got within 200yds, traffic above disrupted their try.

We moved on farther up hill & parked on an open patch from an old gas well. Doug saw a doe after a few minutes. Kept watching her to see if a fawn was hanging around. Yep, took a few minutes but it stepped into sight. We kept glassing for a while longer & another doe bed down several hundred yards away. At least we were seeing deer finally.

Looking around for another 1\2 hour & nothing else came into sight. Doug decided it was time to fill his doe tag. We put together a plan so he could approach the bedded doe for a shot. We drove back the way we came & found a road that would put us uphill from her. Doug loaded his 25-06AI and crept over the edge of the hill. It didn't take long, perhaps 5 minutes & Mike and I heard the suppressed quarter bore. We got the packs & tools out of the back to get to work.

Doug snuck up behind the doe to within 30yds. She stood up and promptly dropped after taking a bullet to the head.

In less than an hour we had her fully de-boned and were on our way to the truck.

Doug still had a buck tag to fill so we found another hill to post on. After just a short time, a small but legal buck appeared below us. Doug let him pass as it was only about 10am. A few doe crested a ridge and were going the same direction as the buck. Then a few more. Still more came into view. We watched and continued to grass the Junipers for a sighting of a better buck. More deer were showing themselves and becoming more active.

We discussed weather to pursue the legal buck or keep watching. After a bit we moved to another hill near where the deer had traveled. It didn't take long to find them. Doug got out & positioned himself to take a shot.

After a minute or so he decided against trying the 200yd shot. He preferred to take one with more points. Back in the truck more discussion. Doug sent a text message to their baby sitter to see if they needed some meet. Her reply was that they would not have time to hunt before the season closed today and they'd be happy to take any extra.

Doug figured "let's tag out and head home.". We found another hill top, again in the direction the deer traveled. Doug stepped out & walked over the edge of the hill, a minute or so we heard that familiar sound. Doug saw the buck, hollared "Hey" the buck stopped looked up at Doug and took a round to the chest. He stumbled and dropped. 80yds, offhand.

Rinse repeat. We headed toward Doug with packs and in less than an hour we were loading in the truck.

Tagged out by noon & headed back to the west. On the way out we saw well over 100 more deer. They were as thick as prairie dogs.

Today we will be cutting and packaging elk & one deer. Sadly we have hurry back to Michigan as Deb's sister is near her last days. Tomorrow morning the ******* Limo rolls east.

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Good morning from the Smokies. Man is it comfortable up here in the woods. It's 54 here, not as cool as I expected, and the high should be 73.

I haven't' had time to read the other morning posts, so no snide comments ... at this point.

Y'all have a good'n and be safe.

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Mornin boys...
49 here high on RUGER Mt this morning with rain.
Feels like fall now.
Tucker hunted yesterday evening. Took the shotgun and
killed 3 fox squirrels. Found his arrow from the spike he killed
Monday, no broadhead, broke off right at it.
Rest of the gang went to the state park for their fall thing. Melissa called and said
the brakes was scrubbing on the back and I had to go check it out. Swapped out vehicles and they headed to a corn maze. They got home after 11 so everybody slep in this morning.
You all have a gooden today and GOD Bless...

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Typical early fall morning in Middle TN, light rain and low 50's. Won't get any grass cut today, but it isn't growing all that fast nowadays. Was mostly unsupervised yesterday, so I spent a little quality time at the range. Determined that I have another NF Competition scope that will be returned to ID for a tuneup. No problem. They won't admit there is anything wrong, but they will return it in good working order. Truthfully, most folks would never see the POI shift. At 100 yards it moved about .200 in 8 shots. That's enough to make a difference.

Going to be a short busy week. Taking off on Wed afternoon for a few days camping east and near the KY State line. Will need to do a lot between now and then.

Good for Mikey and Miss Cindy, enjoy the Smokies. Good for Skruske as well, better you in the 20's than me.

G'day Y'all,
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