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Hope this is okay.....if not PLEASE DELETE

Okay, here are some things that I do not use and would like to trade. Some things will have a value listed and I guess I could part with them for cash but not really looking for cash. More interested in trades.

Here are the items:

1.) 25cal Nosler Partition 120gr 97 count+++++++++GONE++++++++++

2.) 7mm Nos Partition 160gr....OLD...they have a wide cannelure 50count

3.) Lyman Compact Scredriver Kit

4.)Chapman Screwdriver Kit

5.) MEC 28g E Z Stack++++++++++GONE++++++++++

6.) MEC 410 E Z Stack++++++++++GONE++++++++++

7.) Belding and Mull POWDER DISPENSER??? Has some rust but I do not think it is critical.+++++++GONE+++++++++

8.) MEC Charge bars 16g#2 20g#2 410#4 502118 302100

9.) Herters Wads 12g 3/4" x 1 1/8oz 4 slit chalice 2,000ct(NOT IN PIC)

11.) Sears Free Spirit Bicycle Assist motor new in box. Will need washers and a few other parts replaced as I am sure they are dried. I have a contact in Houston who repairs and supplies parts for these. Cash $150

Items I could use in trade....
Fly fishing items
Benchmade Knives
30 cal 180gr Nos Accubond bullets
Gunsmithing work done on Mossberg 1500
barrel blanks
MAKE AN INTERESTING OFFER and we will see what we come up with???

Replies to my email will get first right of refusal. This may be posted to a different site or two and email keeps things fair.

Feel free to reply here as I check in often but if it is something you cannot live without reply to email.

[email protected]

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That old Singer is an antique.

You should take that to a Singer dealer or perhaps an antique store to sell it. We have one, exactly like it, that my wife displays along with other antique sewing gear. You may want to list it on Ebay. May bring you more than you think.
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