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These Taurus autos make great concealed carry guns

I own a PT140 in .40 S&W myself, and love how easy it is to conceal. The PT 145 is only a few oz heavier, but I think you should still find it to be easy to pack. The pistol dimensions are about the same. Did your wife get you the full size or compact model? The full size has a 10 round mag, while the compact has a 6 round mag.

The gun handles really well in my opinion. Recoil is sharp, though, due to the light weight of my gun. I would recommend adding a Hogue Handall Grip Sleeve. It works just fine, with a little trimming. Makes shooting the gun more enjoyable.

Taurus guns are not the more accurate pistols in the world. But then again, this type of gun is not meant for target shooting. Mine has never had any kind of problem in digesting any ammo I have tried in it. It is super reliable.

Here is my Taurus PT140 Pro:

Lance in Orygun
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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