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TC Contenders, Encore & barrel/scopes

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I mentioned on the Good morning post yesterday that our gun club has been given a collection of firearms. We are quickly liquidating it and will turn guns into concrete (pad & benchtops). Most of the long guns and many of the handguns have already sold through word of mouth. We have put very good prices on everything in order to move them quickly. TC items tend to have a more specific appeal and so I thought I'd list them here as I know several of you have some interest. The complete handguns will need to go through an FFL, but the barrels and scopes will not. These are all in excellent condition. Some may even be unfired. They look that good. They are priced to sell. If you are interested and would like additional pics, I can do that but it will take a day or two as the LGS is about an hour north of me.

Feel free to email: [email protected] You can call or text me:
I've attached pics of the 3 complete TC's. The Encore has a 243 barrel with a TC 2.5x7 scope. **SOLD**
1st Contender is a 14" .375 Win 14" Hunter barrel with a Burris 3x scope, $550.
2nd Contender /frame only $275.
additional barrels,
Contender 10" 357 Mag no scope **SPF**
Contender 12" 44 Mag Burris 2X **Sold***
Contender 14" 223 TC 2.5x7 *SOLD*
Contender 14" 6 TCU Burris 2.5x7 $375
Contender 10" 7 TCU *SOLD*
Contender 14" 222 Rem Burris 4X **SPF**

All metal is blue and in excellent, possibly unfired in some case, condition. Prices do not include postage. Dies are available for all, I believe @ $20 per set if bought with the barrel. Can take pics of specific barrels if you need them.


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Do you have any pictures of this? Whats the bore look like? Contender 14" 6 TCU Burris 2.5x7 $375
jroc this was originally posted in 2018 November, so I am quite that they are all taken.
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