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Thanks for the welcome

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Thanks for the welcome Greyfox and Toiville 2Feathers. I hunt Huns, Chukar and
Pheasants. The only Chukar I get these days share my acrophobia!
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Welcome. I spend most of my hunting days following my dogs. Pheasants and Chukar are my primary targets. Quail, when I get the chance.

Look forward to your posts.
Thanks for the welcome JC. How is the bird hunting in California these days? Bird dogs
are high energy and high maintenance but they add so much to our lives.
RBW- Bird hunting in California is still pretty good. Our F&G has done a decent job of having lots of areas for hunters. I also belong to a good sized club not to far from home, which I hunt at least once a week during the season.

The dogs are the real joy for me. Just watching them work is always fun. In our house they are family members also.
I have been a ruffed grouse and woodcock hunter now for 60yrs. My choice of dogs have been Brits since 1976. The last two or three years the population has been down in my coverts and I believe a lot of it is due to West Nile Virus.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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