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to my question about Flashhole deburring.

I have since received via UPS an RCBS Trim Mate Prep Center. Makes cleaning up brass real quick. I also upgraded my case trimmer to a Lyman Universal Case Trimmer with a Power Adapter.

Just ran 20 pieces of Military 308 brass through the process. From Trimmer to tray about 60 seconds. Trimmed to length, inside & outside deburr, flashhole deburr and primer pocket cleaning. I just fell in love with the Prep Center.;)

Now waiting for my neck turner to come in so I can insure these 500 cases will fit the tight chamber in my CZ550. In checking wall thickness on the mil brass verses on brand, spanking new Winchester, I find the mil is an average of .003 thousandths thicker. Just enough to not let the bolt close. Yeah, been there already. Hated it.

Once again, thanks for responding.
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