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let's see your 6x47 and what it prefers:cool: mine is a 17 5/8" OTT custom fluted contender. i love it!

i use remington 204 ruger brass run into the rcbs 6x47 full length die. seems to work ok so far, but with only one firing on the cases.

prefered loads so far.......
28.0gr Varget, sierra 75gr hp, estimated for now.... 2725fps

26.0gr H335, sierra 75gr hp, 2631fps avg.

27.0gr H4895, sierra 75gr hp, 2654fps avg.

26.0gr H335, sierra 80gr blitz, estimated for now....2680fps.
this is the first time i've gotten this sierra blitz boattail bullet to shoot in the 6mm handguns i've tried it in. it shot around 5/8" at 100 outa this long barreled handgun.


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I am having good luck with X-terminator powder

and N-130 in my 6x47mm sporter with 58 gr. V-Maxs and Berger 60 gr. MEF's. In cold weather it seems N-130 does better than X-terminator but in hot weather X-terminator is better. This is with a 22" barrel and the bullet seated deep to fit a magazine.


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6x47 loads

I shoot a 6x47 in a Ruger #1 with a 26" Kreiger SS barrel. The load that shoots best in my rifle is:
Rem 222 mag brass
26.5 gr H322
65 gr Horn VMAX o/L 2.480
Fed Gold Medal pri
This loads shoots little bug hole groups and doesn't seem too temp sensative.
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